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10 Surprising Benefits of Receiving Orthodontic Treatment!

Orthodontic treatment can support a patient’s life in a whole variety of life-changing ways!

orthodontic treatments help people with many different health benefits


When you get orthodontic treatment from JK Orthodontics, you’ll inevitably be left with a perfectly straight, healthy smile that’s been carefully planned for the rest of your life. Although that may sound more than satisfying, that’s really just the beginning in terms of the incredible benefits you’ll get after treatment.

Below we’ll be going over 10 rather surprising benefits of orthodontic treatment that have nothing to do with having a beautiful smile!


1. Improved Self Esteem


Raising your levels of self-confidence is by far one of the most important, intrinsic benefits of getting orthodontic treatment, and it has everything to do with your new gorgeous smile. With higher self-confidence, literally every single aspect of life can be affected. This includes parts of life like social gatherings, as well as the overall likelihood of success at school and in careers.


2. Less Likelihood for Cavities


When your teeth are overlapped or crooked, it makes them a lot harder to properly floss and clean. This subsequently leads to leftover food particles in your gums and around your teeth that develop into plaque, tartar and potential cavities.

But when your teeth are properly aligned and completely straight, all of those potential hiding spots for food particles are easier to get to so you can effectively clean them away every day!


3. Improved Speech


Many speech impediments are caused by crooked teeth and jaw misalignment, which as we all know are many times detrimental for a young one’s self-confidence. That’s why getting orthodontic evaluations at an early age is so important, and Dr. Karpac sees many 7-year-old’s with speech impediments who are just beginning to plan out the timeline for their eventual treatment plan.


4. Better Digestion


Misaligned teeth will make chewing much more difficult than it really ought to be, and digestive problems are imminent when an individual doesn’t properly chew their food on a regular basis. This is largely because their stomach and/or intestines will simply have to do more digestive work, which over time can be troubling.

Digestion problems are very common all throughout the United States, and it’s a big issue because it leads to many people not obtaining the full nutrition of their food. Indigestion is also a common symptom that is best to be avoided at all costs, and orthodontic treatment can many times be the preventative measure that people need to avoid it.


5. Less Chances Of Teeth Accidents


The overall likelihood of a serious tooth injury happening is exponentially increased when a person has protruding teeth, and some of these common accidents will include tooth damages and even being full knocked out.

Every athlete needs to wear a protective mouth guard when they’re training and in the game, but mouth guards aren’t quite as effective if your teeth aren’t straight.


6. Fewer Headaches


Crooked or crowded teeth will always wear down unevenly over long periods of time, which can lead to serious stress on the jaw. Many people with TMJ disorder can benefit greatly from orthodontic treatment because it alleviates issues oriented around jaw misalignment and uneven tooth wearing.

Both of these common oral health issues lead to frequent headaches, so getting these symptoms treated will have a ripple effect towards your stress levels and headache frequencies.


7. Improved Gum Health


Straight teeth are always going to be much easier to thoroughly clean on a daily basis, and when your teeth are clean your gums become much healthier. However, if your teeth are crowded/crooked and difficult to clean, you can eventually experience tooth decay that later becomes gum disease.

This is incredibly important for all parents and potential patients to keep in mind, because gum disease will many times lead to tooth loss later in life.


8. Helps You Save Long-Term


There’s no denying that orthodontic treatment is an investment in your oral health, but this investment will always pay for itself in the long-term when you consider the other dental issues you’d more than likely experience without braces or Line-M-Up™.

When you have fewer dental issues later in life, you’ll of course spend less on your dental problems as well.


9. Less Likelihood for Oral Tissue Injuries


You’ll always have a higher likelihood for cuts, sores and infections when you have crooked teeth that consistently push up against your mouth’s soft tissues. These injuries may be somewhat minor in the grand scheme of things, but they’re still a painful annoyance that no one should have to deal with on a regular basis!


10. Improved Career Prospects


It’s undoubtedly no secret that your appearance will play a major role in your overall ability to be hired for all sorts of professional positions, and your smile just so happens to be the main feature that contributes to this type of first impression scenario.

It’s been categorically proven that people with straight teeth are largely more likely to be hired than someone with a crooked smile and the exact same qualifications.


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