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5 FAQs Oriented Around Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Adult orthodontic treatment is growing in popularity, and here are 5 common questions people have about getting treatment as an adult!

adult orthodontic treatment is very popular these days, and James Karpac Orthodontics is helping many adults with their treatment


A lot of people consider orthodontic treatments to be primarily for young adolescents and teenagers, but the truth is that adult orthodontic treatment is not only possible but also really popular! We understand how many adults are a little bit hesitant about getting traditional braces, but there are many less noticeable forms of orthodontic treatment like Dr. Karpac’s revolutionary Line-M-Up™ that adults love!

Just as teenagers receive many different health benefits through orthodontic treatment, adults are coming into our offices for the exact same reasons. But of course many adults also have a whole array of questions that they’d like answered prior to committing to this type of oral health investment, and below are 5 questions that adults commonly ask as they’re undergoing their initial consultations.

Our team always wants our adult patients to feel as comfortable as possible as they’re initiating their treatment process, and we’re here to help answer any and all of your questions/concerns as you set yourself up for a beautiful, healthy smile!


1. What Are The Most Brief Orthodontic Treatment Time Periods?


Adults typically prefer to utilize the types of orthodontic treatments that take as little time as possible, and this is sometimes because people simply live busy, professional lives and need to have their smiles corrected quickly in a matter of months for career purposes.

This is one of the many reasons why adults highly consider our Line-M-Up™ option, or other types of brief time periods with braces. This is of course something that new patients will have to find out if they’re a candidate for or not, and Dr. Karpac will be able to make these types of treatment determinations after thoroughly assessing your teeth and gums.

But for the most part you should understand that shorter treatment time periods are only meant for minor, cosmetic orthodontic issues. So this means that shorter treatment periods may be an option for some patients, whereas other patients will require more extensive treatment.


2. What Are The Benefits Of Adult Orthodontic Treatment?


There are many lesser-known details about adult orthodontic treatment, but many adults wonder what the specific benefits are when getting braces or Line-M-Up™ in their adult years.

There are many instances in which Dr. Karpac will specifically recommend invisible aligners to adult patients, and this is many times oriented around a patient’s specific budget or misalignment. Some adult patients want to get metal braces, but would prefer that the brackets be less visible. This is where we’d utilize porcelain or clear braces that are much less noticeable!

The truth is that adult orthodontic patients will always receive so much more than just a straighter smile, and this is partly because people’s mouths and jaws change with age. As people get older their jawbone can potentially lose its overall density, and this then leads to shifts in teeth positioning. This subsequently can lead to issues like crowding and discomfort while eating, and if your teeth become harder to clean you can even be putting yourself at an exponentially higher chance of experiencing tooth decay!

Orthodontic treatment of any kind will always go a long way in terms of naturally improving the overall aesthetics of your smile, but it also helps with oral health improvements as well. There are many 50+ adult orthodontic patients that want treatment in order to alleviate oral discomfort, and this is something that we help patients with all of the time.

So although many of the benefits of adult orthodontic treatment may be cosmetic or psychological, it’s important to keep in mind that your treatment will always have many different health benefits that will help maintain the overall vitality of your mouth and your entire body!


3. What Are The Potential Side Effects Associated With Adult Braces And Orthodontic Treatment?


It’s true that there are some somewhat minor side effects associated with adult orthodontic treatment that you should be prepared for, and this includes gum and teeth pain as you’re just getting used to having braces or invisible aligners in your mouth.

Another possible side effect is root resorption, but this can generally be avoided via routine hygiene habits. Dr. Karpac will always thoroughly go over the potential side effects of your treatment so you’ll know exactly what the risks are, but there’s no doubt about it that the benefits of adult orthodontic treatment almost always outweigh the potential for minor side effects.

It’s also important to note that we’ll provide you with orthodontic waxes and oral rinses to help you when it comes to discomfort during the first few days of your treatment!


4. How Much Does Adult Orthodontic Treatment Cost?


Many adults are interested in orthodontic treatment because they actually can afford going through the process, but orthodontic treatment doesn’t necessarily cost as much as most people would assume. There are many instances in which adults require orthodontic treatment for much more than just cosmetic/aesthetic purposes, and in this type of situation you can always have your dental insurance help you cover your overall costs.

Our team will always go over the many different treatment options you’ll have available to you and how much they cost, and we’ll always provide financing options to make things much more manageable on an incremental basis.

Your treatment costs will largely depend upon the type of braces/treatment you’ll require, and we understand how important it is for adult patients to keep things as affordable as possible.

So you can be rest assured that we’ll work with you and do whatever it takes to make sure that your treatment falls within your specific budget!


5. Is There A Time When It’s Too Late For An Adult To Get Braces?


The entire orthodontic industry is in a general agreement that it’s never too late to get treatment, even though it’s generally considered more ideal to get treatment when you’re in your teenage years.

But you can get orthodontic treatment at literally any age these days, and this includes both traditional braces and invisible aligners. No matter which treatment path you choose, we’ll always be sure to conduct regular checkup appointments with you to make sure everything is going correctly and that your teeth are being thoroughly cleaned on a frequent basis!


Reach Out To James Karpac Orthodontics To Learn More About Our Adult Orthodontic Treatment Options!


All us at James Karpac Orthodontics want our adult patients to feel as comfortable as possible during every step of the treatment process, and this includes your initial consultation when you’re still on the fence about going through with it!

We understand that many adult patients have a lot of questions that they’d like answered prior to making any commitments, so always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 614-766-0330 (Dublin office) or 614-471-6355 (Gahanna office) to get in touch with our team and learn more about how we can make your orthodontic treatment as effective and efficient as possible!