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5 Holiday Socializing Tips When Wearing Line-M-Up™

Here are some tips for holiday socializing this year while wearing your Line-M-Up™ invisible aligner trays!

invisible aligners and Line-M-Up are helping patients


Dr. Karpac’s revolutionary invisible aligner system called Line-M-Up™ has helped countless youth and adult patients reap the benefits of orthodontic treatment while still maintaining a little bit of flexibility and non-metallic aesthetics!

As we enter the Christmas season, you may be wondering how you should protect your invisible aligner trays during holiday parties and other types of social gatherings. So what we’ve done on this page is develop 5 tips that coincide with wearing and protecting your Line-M-Up™ trays during the holidays, and beyond!

You of course don’t always have to wear your Line-M-Up™ trays throughout the entirety of every holiday gathering, which is part of the beauty associated with invisible aligners!

However, the below 5 holiday socializing tips will always go a really long way when it comes to protecting your aligners AND your teeth:


1. Be Vigilant In Stopping Yourself From Inadvertent Munching


The first holiday socializing tip we’re going to discuss may seem rather obvious, but you’d be surprised how often Line-M-Up™ patients will inadvertently take a few bites of food while they’re wearing their aligner trays!

It’s important to note that you’ll always be able to eat whenever you wish during your holiday parties while wearing Line-M-Up™, but even just one or two bites of a cookie or snack while actually wearing your aligners can cause dislocation and detrimental harm.

No patients want to have to deal with unexpected orthodontic visits during the holidays due to inadvertent aligner damages, so it’s always really important to make sure you’re being careful while wearing Line-M-Up™.


2. Be Picky About What You Drink


The only drink you should really enjoy while wearing your Line-M-Up™ trays is water, and this is a fundamental rule no matter what time of year it is! But of course there are times when patients simply forget they’re wearing their aligners while socializing during the holidays and having fun with family and friends, so we always recommend that you be really cognizant and picky when you feel thirsty.

Wine, coffee and sodas are always going to be strictly off limits when you’re wearing your invisible aligners, and these types of beverages can also potentially lead to stains on your aligners later in the evening even when you take the aligners out while drinking.

So even though it’s ok to indulge in some holiday beverages, you should always make sure that you’re thoroughly rinsing and brushing your teeth before putting your aligners back in your mouth!


3. Have A Strategy For Eating


It’s rather common for holiday parties to consist of sporadic snacks and eating a little bit of food at once every now and again, but this type of eating regimen isn’t always best for Line-M-Up™ patients.

What we recommend is to make a strategy for yourself when it comes to eating at your holiday gatherings, and the best strategy would be to plan out your eating for one comprehensive session where you fill yourself up well.

This will help you avoid taking your aligners in and out over and over again during the course of one evening, which can potentially be harmful to your aligners! This type of eating strategy will also make cleaning and hygiene a lot easier because you’ll only potentially need to brush/rinse once during the course of the night.


4. Always Do Your Due Diligence With Proper Storing


You’re always going to need to take good care of your Line-M-Up™ aligner trays throughout the entirety of the year, but there are always more mishaps during the holiday season when patients let their guard down. The best thing you can do when it comes to proper storage of your invisible aligners is always have a proper place to store them within, even when you’re socializing during the holidays.

This is why we recommend that you bring your aligner tray box with you so you can keep your aligners in safekeeping while you’re eating and drinking. Keeping your aligners in your pocket or on the table while you eat is always a recipe for disaster, so be prepared and make sure you’re always keeping them safe throughout each social gathering.


5. Never Forget To SMILE!


If you’re doing your best with the above tips while socializing during the holidays, then you deserve some good times laughing and smiling with your loved ones and colleagues.

After all, one of the top benefits of invisible aligners is that they are in fact invisible! You can always be confident in your smile while you’re wearing Line-M-Up™, and for the most part it will seem like they’re not there at all!


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