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5 Serious Issues Associated With Mail-Order Invisible Aligners You Should Know About!

The pandemic has inspired many orthodontic patients across the country towards mail-order aligners, but this is a DRASTIC mistake!

invisible aligners and Line-M-Up are helping patients


It’s not a surprise to anyone that having crooked teeth can be somewhat tough as an adult in the United States, and these issues go much further than oral health and include social setbacks as well. Many Americans have a general fixation towards obtaining beautiful smiles and wanting certain changes, and it’s perfectly understandable that many individuals find orthodontic treatment to be financially troubling.

This is exactly why discounted, mail-order invisible aligners are becoming a growing trend in recent years. It’s likely that you’ve seen ads for this type of treatment on social media or through other types of marketing approaches, but it’s absolutely critical for you to be able to see through the misinformation and falsehoods in these ads and realize that the smaller prices associated with mail-order aligners simply are not worth the risks!


What Exactly Are Mail-Order Invisible Aligners?

There have been countless mail-order aligner businesses that have seemingly popped up out of nowhere in recent years, and there whole selling strategy is to offer a cheaper way for people to get orthodontic treatment without even needing to see an orthodontist.

What happens is a patient will receive an at-home kit that allows them to develop an impression of their teeth, and the patient will then send this impression back to the company so they can then develop the aligner trays and send those back to the patient.

Although this treatment seems similar to Dr. Karpac’s revolutionary Line-M-Up™ treatment, it’s important to note that every mail-order treatment will not be conducted and developed by licensed orthodontists. This undoubtedly creates a whole array of issues that make this type of treatment much too risky for anyone to consider, even if you think professional orthodontic treatment seems expensive!

It’s always very important for patients to be as informed as possible when it comes to initiating their orthodontic treatment, and below we’re going to delve into 5 serious issues associated with mail-order aligners.


5 Problems Associated With Mail-Order Invisible Aligners

It’s important to understand that changing your smile entails changing your teeth, and your teeth are bones just like throughout the rest of your body!

Every dentist and orthodontist undergoes many years of rigorous education in order to become experts within their field and know exactly how to make safe and effective oral adjustments, and this type of expertise can never be simplified via these risky mail-order treatment systems.

There are many rather serious issues that can result from improper orthodontic treatment, and generally these complications can end up being much more costly than simply obtaining professional treatment in the first place!

Here are 5 specific issues associated with mail-order invisible aligners that you should know about!


1. A Licensed Orthodontist Does Not Directly Monitor Or Assess The Patients

Everyone who has received professional orthodontic treatment understands that this process entails so much more than simply wearing aligner trays, and that you’ll need to visit a professional team on a frequent basis to monitor the overall progress and make sure that adjustments are occurring correctly and safely.

Orthodontics in general also entails so much more than simply adjusting crooked teeth, and professionals will always be conducting a much more thorough analysis of your oral health to obtain a well-rounded understanding as to how your treatment should unfold. This NEVER occurs with mail-order kits because all you’ll do is simply create an impression and get trays mailed back to you!

We understand how the idea of getting cheap orthodontic treatment without ever leaving your home may seem attractive to some people, but you should know that most medical treatment like orthodontic treatment simply isn’t appropriate to conduct from home.

One example of this is the use of X-rays, which is a crucial aspect of all dental and orthodontic treatment. It’s extremely important for specialists to have a clear understanding as to what’s going on below your gums prior to initiating treatment, and without X-rays you could be putting your oral health at serious risks!


2. The Orthodontic Treatment Is Not Individualized

Another serious downside to not regularly seeing a professional orthodontic team with your treatment is that adjustments aren’t possible. All mail-order invisible aligner systems will only stay the course and not actually reflect any changes that your teeth may be uniquely experiencing.

There is always a chance that your teeth may begin to move in unexpected directions, which subsequently could lead to your mail-order aligners being misaligned and causing rather serious consequences. In this type of situation it’ll only be up to you when it comes to deciphering what does and doesn’t feel normal, because without in-person professional assistance you’re essentially on your own!


3. Limited Treatment Options

It’s true that many people will send in their impression to a mail-order aligner team only to be denied because their oral health issues are too complicated. Most mail-order aligner systems will only treat patients with rather minor misalignment, and not much else!

But some of the more concerning issues occur when approved patients also have more subtle, unnoticeable issues, like gum disease. There’s generally no chance of a mail-order business being able to detect countless oral health problems, and this can lead them to providing rather problematic treatment options.

It’s also important to note that aligners-alone can’t properly fix many different orthodontic conditions, including if you need to widen your jaw and other serious procedures that obviously can’t be conducted by mail-order companies!


4. It May End Up Being More Expensive Later On

If any detrimental scenario occurs to you while undergoing mail-order aligner treatment, then the odds are that you’ll obtain an ineffective orthodontic treatment that may lead to serious dental damages as well. When an individual gets a shoddy alignment, this can lead to serious issues like gum/teeth damage, gum recession, tooth loss and the necessity for other types of painful procedures to correct the ineffective treatment.

When this happens a patient may end up paying much more than they would have if they had originally undergone in-person orthodontic treatment!


5. Outdated Techniques

It’s important for you to know that mail-order impressions are typically very uncomfortable, messy, and they often don’t work correctly! Even traditional impressions may need to be rejected if they somehow don’t end up fitting exactly as needed, but if you don’t have a professional to assist you then you won’t understand that your aligners are misaligned!

At James Karpac Orthodontics we utilize our very own, revolutionary Line-M-Up™ technology to avoid these types of issues altogether. With laser scanning, we can digitally capture your impressions and exponentially decrease the chances of fitting issues!


Reach Out To Dr. Karpac And Our Team For More Information About Our Line-M-Up™ Technology And Treatment Processes!

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, you’ll ultimately get what you pay for. Mail-order aligner systems may seem convenient and affordable, but the potential risks they pose are very serious and make the entire alternative to professional care not worth the savings.

In-person orthodontic treatment will also subsequently entail professional supervision and evaluations throughout the entirety of your treatment, so you’ll be much less likely to experience any detrimental issues and incur serious damages.

All of us at James Karpac Orthodontics take our healthcare procedures very seriously, and we understand how important it is for each and every one of our patients to stay as informed and as safe as possible. We also understand that orthodontic treatment can be pretty expensive for so many, which is why we can always provide a reasonable payment plan that coincides with you and your family’s budget.

So always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 614-766-0330 (Dublin office) or 614-471-6355 (Gahanna office) today to speak with one of our specialists who can help you or your loved one with the initial steps of our braces or Line-M-Up™ treatment plans!