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5 Ways That Having Braces Improves Your Health

Photo by Rainier Ridao on Unsplash

Braces are one of the most popular orthodontic tools today and are becoming more common for people of all ages! Braces can help correct or prevent dental health issues, and here are 5 other ways that braces can improve your overall health.

Relieves Jaw Pain

When your teeth are misaligned and colliding in ways that they naturally shouldn’t, your jaw can face uneven pressures across the bone, and this can mean severe pain and bone erosion.

When the orthodontist installs your braces, they are designed to relieve the pressure in your jaw and save your bones from any further damage.

Improves Eating and Nutrition

Having teeth that are misaligned can make eating a meal quite difficult because it may be more challenging to chew, which means you’ll be swallowing large pieces of food that your stomach will have a tough time processing.

Having braces means your teeth will be aligned so you can eat your food without worrying about pain.

Prevents Further Tooth Damage

Your teeth are strong enough to chew and tear at your food, but they can still be damaged or broken if they are misaligned and your teeth are colliding.

Thanks to braces, your teeth will be moved into the positions that they are meant for and will fit in with teeth whose grooves complement their shapes.

Improves Speech

Being able to talk and sing better may not sound like a health benefit, but when your teeth are misaligned, you risk biting your tongue, lips, and cheeks in even the most casual conversations.

Having braces will not only align your teeth into a perfect smile, but you’ll also be able to communicate without any fear of pain!

Prevents Bad Oral Habits

Braces are the best way to fix your smile, but they can be damaged by bad habits like biting your nails, chewing your pencils, or smoking cigarettes.

By cutting down on these habits and protecting your braces, you will also be protecting your oral health and improving it in the long run.

Braces are one of the best dental care products available not only because they can give you a beautiful smile, but they also keep your mouth and jaw strong and healthy. Give the experts at James Karpac Orthodontics a call today at (614) 763-6289 or visit us online and see how we can help you.