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6 Reasons Why Parents Should Consider Line-M-Up™ For Their Teens

A lot of parents think that invisible aligners aren’t right for kids, but Line-M-Up™ provides many benefits for teenage orthodontic patients!

Line-M-Up and braces are common orthodontic treatments at JK Orthodontics


Your teenager’s health is always one of your top priorities as a parent, and this includes ensuring that they’re getting regular dental checkups as they get older to ensure that they’re not experiencing any common dental issues.

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, a lot of parents simply assume that they should get traditional braces for their children as opposed to invisible aligners. Although invisible aligner treatment does undoubtedly require an added amount of responsibility on the patient’s behalf, this doesn’t necessarily mean that parents should completely write off the many benefits associated with this cutting-edge technology.

One of the many benefits of working with JK Orthodontics is that we utilize our very own patented invisible aligner technology called Line-M-Up™, which is an improved version of more traditional aligners due to its increased efficiency and overall comfort. There are many reasons why parents should consider Line-M-Up™ for their kids, including the following benefits:


Line-M-Up™ Provides An Unparalleled Appearance


Most kids will inevitably require orthodontic treatment of some kind to straighten out their teeth and correct their jaw alignment, but a lot of teenagers don’t like the idea of having metal braces in their mouths at all times of the day during their treatment process. When kids aren’t excited about orthodontic treatment, it sometimes leads parents to hesitate on these types of important investment decisions.

Line-M-Up™ is an invisible aligner technology that works just as well for teens as it does for adults, so it’s a good option for parents when their kids aren’t excited about getting braces. These aligners will be essentially invisible in pictures and when your teenager is talking to their friends at school, and this can many times go a very long way in helping alleviate any awkwardness for your child during their formative years.

Invisible aligners will always look more natural as compared to braces, and this can have a positive ripple effect throughout your child’s social life!




Once Dr. Karpac has implemented braces in a patient’s mouth, they become a semi-permanent orthodontic appliance that can only be taken out by our specialists. Although your child will undoubtedly feel comfortable with their braces as time goes on, the very initial stages of the treatment process can be irritating and cause some gum chafing.

Another issue when it comes to the comfort levels of braces is that food will many times get stuck within the brackets and wires. This can inevitably be pretty uncomfortable for your teen when they don’t have their dental kit on them and have food stuck in their teeth during the course of their day.

Line-M-Up™ is much different because there is no wiring and discomfort once you’ve put the aligner trays on. They’re always very easy to remove prior to eating or drinking, which makes it easy for kids to clean their aligner trays when it’s convenient for them.

So gone are the days when kids have to worry about eating sticky candies, popcorn and other foods that can easily get stuck in their teeth during orthodontic treatment!


Line-M-Up™ Is A Good Option For Challenging Cases


Contrary to popular belief, invisible aligner treatment can support younger patients that need a good amount of treatment for their teeth. Many parents assume that they must rely on traditional braces when their child’s dental condition is rather complicated, but Line-M-Up™ is a good option for just about every case that would require braces.

If you’re concerned about how Line-M-Up™ will work for your child, then you can always speak directly with Dr. Karpac about these concerns during your initial consultation. Our team will go over your child’s dental history and decipher what the best strategy is for orthodontic treatment, but you should know that even complicated cases can still benefit from invisible aligner technology!


Invisible Aligners Are Affordable


There’s no denying that orthodontic treatment of all types can be pretty expensive for families, but you should know that Line-M-Up™ is similarly priced to traditional braces. This is one of the reasons why it’s an appealing option for a lot of families who aren’t quite sure about these types of price differences.

It’s also important to note that most dental insurance plans will approve Line-M-Up™ treatment, which can dramatically cut down on overall costs. We also provide a couple different financing options for our patients to make everything more convenient for parents and their budgets.


Decreased Treatment Time


One of the great benefits associated with Line-M-Up™ is that it often leads to shorter treatment periods as compared to traditional braces and other invisible aligner technologies. Although every patient is unique, the average treatment time for braces is around 24 months.

This is exactly where Line-M-Up™ shines as an orthodontic treatment option, because your child will end up wearing their aligners for much less time as compared to braces. Invisible aligners will typically entail a treatment period of around 6-18 months, which can dramatically speed up the process towards providing your child with the beautiful smile they deserve!


Increased Confidence For Your Child


Although traditional braces of course do a wonderful job at straightening a patient’s teeth and perfecting jaw alignment, they sometimes impact a child’s confidence levels. We all want to believe our teenagers have the self-esteem to be confident while wearing braces, but it’s many times inevitable that they’ll become more introverted and subdued because they know they have a lot of metal in their mouth.

This type of psychological problem can be entirely avoided when kids choose to use Line-M-Up™, and this is partly because they’ll be able to smile with confidence throughout their treatment process. It’ll essentially be hard for anyone to even recognize that they’re going through orthodontic treatment, and they’ll be able to talk, eat and go through daily routines without being self-conscious about their facial appearance.


Reach Out To The JK Orthodontics Team To Learn More About Choosing Line-M-Up™ For Your Teenager!


JK Orthodontics has been an orthodontic industry leader in the Columbus area for over 30 years, so you can count on our experienced staff and Dr. Karpac to help you and your child decide which type of treatment is best for your unique needs. We take many different factors in mind while we’re developing our recommendations, and parents can always confide in us when they think invisible aligners are a good option for personal reasons.

Contact us online or call us at 614-766-0330 (Dublin office) or 614-471-6355 (Gahanna office) to get in touch with our team today and learn more about how Line-M-Up™ may be a good option for your child’s treatment!