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8 Important Ways Your Children Can Benefit From Orthodontic Treatment

Every parent should know that orthodontic treatment goes so much further than just aesthetic improvements!

orthodontic treatment helps many children with a whole array of health benefits


Although providing a beautiful smile for the rest of your child’s life is always a great incentive for parents to invest in orthodontic treatment, there truly are many different positive effects that go beyond aesthetic improvements.

There have been many proven studies oriented around the psychological and social benefits associated with orthodontic treatment, and these benefits include long-term physical health as well. Traditional braces or Dr. Karpac’s revolutionary Line-M-Up™ invisible aligner system will always go a long way in terms of providing patients with the perfect combination of both aesthetics and functionality, which is why many different life spheres are transformed through expert treatment from Dr. Karpac and our team.

So here are 8 important ways in which your children can benefit greatly from our orthodontic treatment options!


1. A Long-Term, Healthy Smile


Although it’s not necessarily the most non-judgmental notion, it’s true that an individual’s smile sometimes influences how people perceive their personality and overall attractiveness.

This is why people who have straight teeth also tend to have higher levels of confidence and self-esteem. Many parents want to provide orthodontic treatment for their children because they rather rightfully see this as an investment for their child’s future, not only for better chances of academic success, but also eventually for career success as well!


2. Getting Rid Of Harmful Bites


Orthodontic treatment will always help children and teenagers when it comes to correcting their bite. Overbites just so happen to be very common amongst young children and are one of the main reasons why parents decide to invest in braces or invisible aligners.

What’s particularly troublesome about harmful bites is that they subsequently lead a child to improper chewing, which then can lead to all sorts of digestive and overall nutrition troubles.

Orthodontic treatment can always resolve certain bite issues like overbites, open bites, crossbites and underbites, and provide a patient with straight teeth and healthier chewing for the rest of their life!


3. Tooth Decay Prevention


One of the worst health problems associated with crooked or crowded teeth is the fact that proper cleaning can become much harder, especially for children. If your child doesn’t properly brush and floss away all of their food particles on a daily basis, then this can lead to bacteria and acid buildup within their mouth.

This type of acid buildup will wear down an individual’s teeth, which then leads to dental issues like cavities and eventually tooth decay. When your child has straight teeth, this type of issue is almost completely eliminated because food particles can’t hide as well.

This leads to an exponentially improved oral hygiene that can eventually decrease a child’s chances of later developing tooth decay problems for the rest of their life!


4. Improving Gum Health


Because straighter teeth are always going to be much easier to thoroughly clean, this also leads to much less tartar and plaque accumulation on and in between your teeth. It’s common for plaque buildup on misaligned teeth to lead to serious gum inflammation and later gingivitis.

These types of common gum issues can undoubtedly get worse if they are neglected as a child grows up, which can then lead to gum disease and other oral health issues.

One of the best ways to prevent gum pains and disease for your child is to have their teeth properly straightened by an experienced orthodontist like Dr. Karpac!


5. Getting Rid Of Jaw Pains


When a child has misaligned teeth, they’ll also experience an uneven amount of pressure on their jawbones that support their teeth. This then leads to other issues like migraines, difficulty chewing and other types of jaw pain.

Orthodontic treatment has been known to efficiently resolve the increasingly common temporomandibular joint disorder, and also help treat any other issues with headaches and jaw pain that your child may be experiencing.


6. Preventing Tooth Loss And Breaks


Dental experts have unilaterally agreed that disproportionate and protruding teeth are much more likely to crack or break when serious impacts and accidents occur. It’s also important for parents to realize that their child’s mouth guard may not fit property if they have misaligned/crooked teeth, which will leave them at a much higher susceptibility to oral injuries.

Braces and invisible aligners can always go a long way when it comes to shifting your child’s teeth into their correct positioning, which will always help when it comes to reducing the overall chances of all types of oral injuries.


7. Improving Your Child’s Overall Health


There’s no doubt about it that the human body is completely interconnected and is constantly working together, and our mouths just so happen to be one of the dirtiest parts of our bodies that need to be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed at least 2-3 times each and every day!

There are many different studies connecting tooth decay and gum disease to rather severe health conditions like heart disease, diabetes and strokes. So it goes to show that improving your child’s oral health through orthodontic treatment can truly have a ripple effect throughout the health of their entire body!


8. Oral Functionality Improvements


Many children experience speech impediments, low self-esteem and many other health effects due to crooked teeth. But it’s always important for parents to realize how easy of a fix orthodontic treatment can be when it comes to properly resolving all types of oral functionality issues.

Speech improvement is just one of the many benefits associated with our treatment, and this is because your child will be more easily able to pronounce particular sounds once their teeth have been realigned into the correct positioning.

Orthodontic treatment is also known to help children who are suffering from sleep apnea, and this is mainly because these treatments will effectively open up a child’s airways.


Reach Out To JK Orthodontics To Learn More About How Our Orthodontic Treatment Options Can Support Your Child’s Long-Term Health!


JK Orthodontics has helped countless children and teenagers obtain healthier, beautiful smiles for many years now, and we’ll be more than happy to help your family as you prepare your children for orthodontic treatment.

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