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Are Invisible Aligners Right for You?


Our mission at James Karpac Orthodontics is to always provide our clients with a convenient and affordable way to transform their smiles, and we are firm believers that everyone deserves a smile they love!

We also know that there are many people who would prefer alternatives to traditional metal braces, which is why we offer our own in-house invisible aligner treatment called Line-M-Up.

But knowing whether invisible aligners are right for you is something that a lot of our clients aren’t 100% sure about, which is why we’ve provided this list of ways to know if invisible aligners are right for you or your loved ones:

  1. Moderate Teeth Correction

If you’re experiencing crowded teeth or gaps then Line-M-Up could be your perfect solution. We get a lot of clients who had braces when they were younger, but ended up not wearing their retainers long enough and experienced their teeth shifting back, and we of course also have countless clients who’ve never had braces before and simply would prefer to do without the visibility of traditional metal braces.

  1. Your Lifestyle Requires Convenience

Invisible aligners allow our clients to have much more freedom as opposed to traditional metal braces, and this is predominately because you’ll be allowed to remove your aligner trays for up to 2 hours per day. We understand that this type of convenience has a lot of allure to people who are looking for orthodontic treatments of all types, and by putting the ball in your hands you’ll get be able to do more and come into our office less often.

  1. You Wish to Utilize an Affordable Option

Invisible aligners like Line-M-Up can many times be much less expensive than other, more traditional invisible aligner options. This is of course a huge benefit of using our tailored technology, and we can also provide you with a payment plan that coincides with you and your family’s budget.

We’ll also do our due diligence to work with your insurance company to see how the cost of our invisible aligners can be reimbursed, but in general it makes sense financially to utilize invisible aligners when you’re matched as a viable candidate.

  1. You’d Prefer to Embrace Your Smile While Correcting It

What’s great about invisible aligners is that they are able to efficiently help you straighten your smile to perfection, while still helping you maintain your unique smile throughout the entire process.

We always want our clients to feel confident and empower them to feel their very best while undergoing our orthodontic treatments, and we know that invisible aligners contribute to boosting confidence.

We want your smile to make you feel more comfortable in your own skin, and being able to readily record your improvements throughout the straightening process is always encouraging!

We’re very proud of our full care orthodontics treatment options, and our invisible aligner system is something we’re very excited to bring to all our clients in the years to come.

Contact us today or fill out a new patient form to make the initial steps towards getting in touch with our team, and making you or your loved one’s smiles perfect!