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Benefits of Invisible Aligners

It wasn’t too long ago that orthodontic patients everywhere had only one option, that being traditional braces and wires when it came to realigning teeth and perfecting smiles, but luckily today the industry has evolved tremendously with the emergence of invisible aligners and countless other technological advancements.

Dr. Karpac and his team are proud to provide their very own in-house invisible teeth aligner system called Line-M-Up, and the associated procedures with Line-M-Up have helped our patients in a variety of ways. From comfort, flexibility, aesthetics and confidence, it’s safe to say that our orthodontic patients are getting exactly what they’re looking for with our invisible aligner treatments.

Although invisible aligners are not a viable option for everyone, we’ll be able to determine if you’re a good candidate for Line-M-Up when you come in for your initial free consultation. We’ll always try to accommodate all our patients in terms of their treatment preferences, especially when it comes to the customization process associated with invisible aligners.

So, if you are in fact a good candidate for invisible aligner treatment, then the following are some of the benefits you should consider when it comes to comparing aligner treatment to traditional metal braces:

  1. Clear Treatment Choice

It makes a lot more sense for many of our patients to utilize invisible aligners as opposed to metal braces. This is partly due to the clear fact that metal braces take just as long to see results, whereas the aligner alternative is virtually unnoticeable. Line-M-Up users have consistently told us that their friends and family can barely notice when the aligners are in place, so it’s always a great option for anyone who is trying to correct their smile in a more discreet fashion.

  1. Radiate Confidence with Line-M-Up

Eliminating obvious braces and wires is always going to help out with an orthodontic patient’s confidence, and there is no denying the boost in confidence that invisible aligners provide our clients. You can rest assured that your teeth are being adjusted properly, and when you use transparent aligners you, your friends and your family notice the improvements as they occur.

  1. Removing the Aligners Whenever You Want!

Line-M-Up patients have the freedom to remove their aligners when they please to do so, but we recommend that you only remove your aligners for up to two hours per day. This ultimately provides a lot of freedom for our patients who may want to remove the aligners for a job interview, general outings with family and friends, work meetings, etc.

  1. Easy Cleaning and Overall Better Hygiene

Traditional braces can trap food and ultimately make brushing difficult, but when you use invisible aligners it’s a breeze in terms of cleaning. All you’ll need to do is remove the aligner trays when you’re ready to brush and then replace the aligners when you’ve completed flossing and brushing. It’s also crucial that invisible aligner patients regularly soak their aligners and lightly brush them on a consistent basis. 

  1. No Food Restrictions!

No one enjoys abandoning their favorite meals when using metal braces, but with invisible aligners you’ll have the freedom of eating whatever you want. All you have to do is simply remove the aligner and then enjoy all the veggies, popcorn, candy or pizza you want!

James Karpac Orthodontics has been the one-stop shop for invisible aligner treatment in the Greater Columbus area for many years, and our team is specifically trained to provide the very best in custom-fit aligners that can help you and your loved one’s smiles get any necessary corrections with the utmost convenience and comfort.

Contact us today at (614) 763-6289 (Dublin office) or (614) 698-1423 (Gahanna office), or request an appointment online for more information. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you have about our Line-M-Up procedures, and as always we look forward to assisting you and your family!