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Braces-Friendly Quarantine Snack Ideas!

Dr. Karpac here again!!!…..:)☺

Everyone is snacking during quarantine, so make sure you’re snacking with braces-friendly treats!

The COVID-19 pandemic has put all of us in our homes, which subsequently provides a lot of snack time. Everyone is snacking at least a little bit more now that we’re staying at home more often, so while you’re at home it’s important to ensure that your snacks are braces-friendly.

It’s not a problem if you’re having strong cravings for sweet and salty snacks, because it’s perfectly fine to enjoy at least some of your favorite snacks while wearing braces. Although it’s always a lot better to keep up with a healthy diet in order to more quickly facilitate the necessary biological changes that occur during orthodontic treatment, it’s still ok to have a snack or two!

So here are the braces-friendly snacks you should take into consideration, and some of the snacks you should probably avoid!

Patients with traditional braces should snack on the following:

Thinly sliced apples, which you can accompany with yogurt, chocolate sauce or peanut butter

Crackers and cheese, simply a classic snack!

Cereal mix, which can always be a good snack while you’re out and about too. This typically includes a low-sugar cereal accompanied by a savory cheese cracker, small marshmallow bites and dried cranberries or raisins

PB&J Tacos: This typically includes some low-sugar jelly, peanut butter, maybe some honey, and a soft tortilla shell.

String cheese!

Hummus and pita bread, which you can accompany with soft veggies like red pepper strips or zucchini. Just make sure your veggies are easy to chew and bite!

Soft fruits: Kiwi, orange, strawberries, bananas, tangerines, peaches and other soft fruits cut into small slices.

Dairy: including things like yogurt, soft cheeses and pudding

Breads: including soft tortillas, pancakes/waffles, and muffins (nut-free)

Soft granola bars

Meats: good snack options include deli meats, meatballs and soft-cooked chicken and other meat options

Seafood: crab cakes, salmon and tuna are great braces-friendly options

Sweets: Smoothies, milkshakes, frozen yogurt, ice cream

Pizza wheels: A quick pizza snack using an English muffin, pizza sauce and shredded mozzarella

Edamame (steamed/roasted) with salt and/or soy sauce

Kale chips

Snacks to Avoid With Braces

Some of the snacks braces patients should avoid include the following:

Sticky/chewy snacks: including bagels, caramels, gummies and gum

Crunchy foods: like popcorn, pretzels, and chips

Hard snacks: lollipops, nuts, candies

Foods that require biting into: some examples being carrots, apples and corn on the cob

It’s important to note that you can still eat apples if you cut them up into slices or smaller bites, and the same goes for snacks like sandwiches and pizza. When it comes to corn on the cob, the best thing to do with braces is to simply cut it up prior to eating.

Some drinks that people with braces should avoid include the following:

Coffee, red wine and tea
Soda, energy drinks, fruit juices and anything that’s very sweet

Contact Our Offices for More Snack Information

If you’d like any more information about specific foods that are good to eat with braces, feel free to contact us so we can answer any questions you have!