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Are Braces A Good Treatment Option For Children Who Grind Their Teeth?

Teeth grinding is a troubling dental health issue, but braces can be a helpful treatment option to combat grinding!   A lot of people aren’t aware that they grind their teeth, particularly while they’re sleeping. Teeth grinding is a very common dental issue among children and even grown adults, and it’s medically referred to as […]

Tips To Prevent White Spots During & After Your Orthodontic Treatment

White spots can sometimes pop up for braces patients during orthodontic treatment, so here are our tips to avoid them!   It’s always a huge bummer when a patient comes in to get their braces removed, and then looks in the mirror to see white spots on their new smile. Every patient puts in so […]

Back-To-School Tips For Braces & Line-M-Up™ Patients

ceramic braces are a discreet type of orthodontic treatment

It’s that time of year again for teens to head back into the classroom, so here are our tips for braces and Line-M-Up™ students to keep in mind this fall!   The new school year is here, which means both parents and students are getting back in the swing of things as summer vacation comes […]

The Six Most Common Misconceptions About Braces

Although braces are very popular, there are some misconceptions about them that should be cleared up! If you want to straighten you or your child’s teeth, then orthodontic treatment like braces is the way to go. Although there are some great alternatives nowadays like invisible aligners, braces are still a great option for everyone. Sadly, […]

Why Do Braces Need To Be Adjusted?

Every braces patient needs to have adjustment appointments with Dr. Karpac, and here’s why!   A lot of braces patients wonder why adjustment appointments are so important during their treatment process, because after all, aren’t braces supposed to be what makes your teeth automatically straight? Well, the truth is that all braces need to be […]

6 Ways To Celebrate Getting Your Braces Off in Columbus, Ohio!

JK Orthodontics has supported the Columbus Metro Area for decades, so here are our tips to celebrate locally after getting your braces off!   It’s always really exciting when you or your child’s big day comes and it’s time for braces or Line-M-Up™ treatment to end, because you’ll walk away from our office with a […]

How to Feel More Confident With Your New Braces

orthodontic treatments help people with many different health benefits

Children and adults who are scheduled to get braces and retainers may feel nervous about this big change. But braces aren’t designed to make you feel more self-conscious. If anything, braces were created to help boost your self-esteem. Here are just a few of the ways you can feel much more confident with your brand-new […]

4 Reasons Why Adults Should Consider Investing in Braces

making braces treatment or Line-M-Up fit within your family's budget at JK Orthodontics

Over 4.5 million Americans are estimated to currently wear braces, and adults are slowly taking up more and more of that number. If you’re concerned about your smile and want to get it picture-perfect, here are just four reasons why adult braces may be for you. Your Teeth Are Still Moving As our bodies grow […]

The Importance of Having Good Oral Hygiene with Braces

orthodontic treatment from JK Orthodontics can prevent many oral health problems!

Maintaining good oral hygiene is so important, but it is absolutely crucial with braces! The brackets and wires are responsible for guiding your teeth into placement, so it’s important that we care for them so that they can do their job well. If left uncared for, braces can create further problems for your oral health, […]

5 Celebrities Who Used Braces for Their Hollywood Smiles

James Karpac Orthodontics is dedicated to improving the smiles of our patients and also showing them that there is nothing wrong with braces. To convince you that anyone might benefit from them, here’s a list of 5 celebrities who have required braces and dental work for their runway smiles. Tom Cruise Tom Cruise has won […]