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Children and Orthodontic Care

Children as young as 2 can visit the orthodontist but from around 7 is a good age to be evaluated for early treatment plans or preventative care. Some of the characteristics and behaviour that can be looked out for when it comes to deciding if your child needs an evaluation:

Teeth that protrude
Speech problems
Thumb sucking
Imbalances in the face
Difficulty eating
Grinding of teeth or chewing problems

Early detection and a treatment plan or monitoring can be put in place for your child so that the growth of the jaw can be guided and help provide facial symmetry. This also allows for correction of potential issues that may become problematic in the future. Encouraging children to develop good oral habits from a young age minimises the need for costly larger treatments down the track. Children can often find the dentist a daunting place or experience and develop an unnecessary fear causing anxiety and panic when it comes to an orthodontist trip.

Good experiences in this case help shift this feeling and make your child feel safe and well cared for. Positive dental visits will encourage your child that seeing a dentist on a regular basis is a normal and healthy part of life. Parents should take their children with them from a young age for their appointment so they can see what happens and become familiar with the environment. Talking regularly about dental hygiene and health and making it part of family routines will also reduce fear about an upcoming visit and can reduce the need for bribes.

It can be a good idea to make appointments for children early on in the day to reduce the risk of them being tired or overactive. This also helps in aiding the oral health professional to have your child’s full attention on the day. Keep your kid’s teeth and gums healthy by encouraging brushing morning and night and checking to make sure they have removed plaque and all of the build-up that can occur on teeth. Help them brush from an early age and make it a part of the morning and night routines so that it becomes a normal part of their every day.

Limit high sugar snacks that can cause decay and rotting and check your child’s mouth frequently for holes in teeth or unusual symptoms. Water should always be the first choice in aiding a child to have a healthy mouth and gums. Limit children’s intake of high sugar drinks as well as juices or milk drinks as these can often be disguised as healthy but in fact have high sugar content.

Every child’s needs will be different when it comes to frequency of visits and short/long term care plans. You can discuss the specifics of your child and feel rest assured that the very best care is taken every time. For further information or any concerns and questions please contact our friendly team of experts or you can read our testimonials for our Orthodontist practice in Gahanna OH.