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Countdown to Being Braces-Free!

Beginning an orthodontic treatment plan can feel so daunting! We know that it can feel like you are being told that you will have to wear your braces, like, literally, for EVER. It can be a difficult journey to start. But there are MAJOR benefits to seeing it through! And there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to celebrate your progress during your journey.

We have compiled a list of ways that you and your family may be able to mark the passing of this time, so you—and the people in your life—can appreciate just how far you’ve come!

1. Mark it off your calendar!

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones. Hang a wall calendar (remember those?? They’re made of paper. You’ll have to tack it to your wall. No, it’s not on your phone), and mark a big, happy X through each day as it passes. Take joy in those X’s—you’ve worked hard to get through each braces-filled day. Revel in it! One more day done, baby!

2. Create a crafty countdown calendar!

If you search Pinterest for “Advent calendars,” you’ll find pages and pages of crafty, fun ways to countdown the days until Christmas. Apply this same idea to your braces! Instead of one number, or clothespin, or paper bag, or toilet paper roll, representing a single day in the countdown, consider making each number represent a week in your journey. Inside each number can be a braces-friendly treat, or a “great job making it this far!” sticker, or some other small way to reward yourself for making it as far as you have.

3. Document your progress with a selfie!

We know this wouldn’t be your first experience with a selfie. If we had to bet, we’d say you’re likely a selfie pro! Apply those highly sharpened selfie skills to your braces journey! Some mothers-to-be document their pregnancies week by week with a side profile pic. You can document your braces progress with a weekly selfie! Feel free to keep these photos for your personal reference, to remind yourself of how far you’ve come, or (with a parent’s permission) post them to social media to show your friends what great progress you’ve made since Day 1!

Remember, you’ll never be as far away from your goal of straighter teeth than you are the day before your orthodontist puts your braces on. Each day that passes is another day closer to your goal of straighter teeth, and getting those braces removed! YOU CAN DO IT!