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Detailing Our Team’s Core Values!

JK Orthodontics has been an industry leader throughout Columbus for decades, and this is partly due to our commitment to our core values!

James Karpac Orthodontics


At the very cornerstone of JK Orthodontics is our team’s core values, which are incredibly important principles that help guide us on a daily basis. Dr. Karpac and all of our staff members truly believe in understanding the many “whys” behind everything that we do for our patients, because we know that orthodontic treatment is full of intrinsic value.

Below we’ll be detailing our core values so you can better understand these carefully selected principles that define who we are today and who we’re striving to become in the future. Our daily activities, decisions and actions are always directly connected to our many core values, so it’s important for patients and parents to understand where our treatment processes ultimately derive from!


How Were Our Core Values Selected?


Developing and adding our core values has been a very long process that has continuously evolved over many years, and we’ve had to deeply look introspectively to understand who we are and who we want to be as an orthodontic practice.

Our core values don’t simply exist as words that we abide by at JK Orthodontics, because they truly live and breathe each and every day in how we treat our patients with the utmost level of care!


What Are Our Core Values?


Below is a list of our core values that’ll help you better understand who we are as a practice, and how we’ll treat you or your children as patients:




The entire JK Orthodontics team is devoted to success on many different levels, and we believe that putting our patients and community first is how we set ourselves apart and foster meaningful business practices. We understand how our orthodontic services benefits the entire Columbus Metro community, including our patients and ourselves as professionals.




We always strive to accomplish every task and objective by minimizing how much time and efforts are wasted. We understand how important it is for all of us to work as a team so we can effectively serve our patients to the very best of our abilities!




All of our staff members at our Dublin and Gahanna offices understand just how important it is to behave professionally on a daily basis, which means that we’re always treating our patients and their family members with the utmost respect and consideration.

We’ll fully keep our word, we’re loyal to our patients, and our goal is to exceed expectations with everything that we do!




Giving back to our local communities via volunteering, donations and educational seminars is an incredibly important part of what we do at JK Orthodontics. We understand how important it is to give back to our communities so we can strengthen each other and ourselves to help others understand the importance of oral hygiene and orthodontics.




We’re always establishing new goals for our team members to strive towards, and these goals help keep us motivated on a daily basis towards being the very best practice we can be.

We understand just how much hard work and planning goes into attaining our goals, which is why we’re proactive with our approach towards supporting our patients and ensuring that their experience is consistently improving.


Industry Knowledge


Although we’re very good about hiring experienced team members that thoroughly understand the orthodontic industry, we also understand just how much our industry changes on a yearly basis. This is why we’re committed to consistently growing ourselves as a team and learning the latest training and technology to better serve our patients while remaining on the cutting edge of orthodontics.




Maintaining great relationships with our patients and parents is incredibly important to us, and we do this by continuously improving our teamwork and fostering innovation. We know how important it is for orthodontic teams to be as supportive as possible for every patient’s needs, which is why we’re always focusing on doing our very best work and valuing every team member’s perspective.

Maintaining a positive work environment is very important to us because it makes us more resilient as a team, and it also helps ensure that every patient is provided the type of attention they undoubtedly deserve!


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JK Orthodontics has supported many families throughout our community over the past 30 years, and we’ve continued to develop ourselves throughout the years as well. Our core values are incredibly important to us, because we know that they guide us in the right direction towards better serving you and your family with the very best orthodontic treatment possible.

Contact us online or call us at 614-766-0330 (Dublin office) or 614-471-6355 (Gahanna office) to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Karpac today!