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Do You Or Your Child Experience TMJ Pain? Orthodontic Treatment Could Be The Solution!

TMJ pain is an all too common oral health issue, but the good news is that orthodontic treatment can help!

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TMJ pain can be the result of many different causes, but orthodontic treatment like braces and Line-M-Up™ can be incredibly effective no matter what is causing your TMJ pain! TMJ disorder (often abbreviated to TMJ) is unfortunately very common throughout all of Central Ohio, but the JK Orthodontics team is here to support you or your child by providing comprehensive solutions that will ultimately alleviate this unwanted pain for good!

Below we’ll be providing an overview so you can learn more about TMJ pain and how orthodontic treatment just might be the perfect solution:


What Exactly Is TMJ?


TMJ is actually an abbreviation for temporomandibular joint. Your temporomandibular joint is an incredibly important joint on each side of your jaw that attaches the bottom of your skull with your jaw. All of the surrounding muscles around your TMJ are used to open and close your mouth, and any kind of abnormality or misalignment can lead to a tremendous amount of pain on a daily basis.

This type of pain has become widely known as TMJ disorder, and what’s so unfortunate about TMJ pain is that it’s far too common amongst kids and adults. Today around 15% of all adults experience persistent TMJ pain, which is why parents need to be concerned about their child’s development while their jaws are still growing!


Common Symptoms of TMJ Disorder


Although there are many different symptoms associated with TMJ disorder, the following are some of the most common:


  • Persistent earaches
  • Pain in both or one of your jaw joints
  • Pain in neck or face areas
  • Pain while chewing
  • Changes in how your teeth fit together
  • Stiff jaw muscles
  • And much more…


Causes of TMJ Pain


Identifying the actual causes of TMJ pain can many times be a lot easier said than done, but in general the cause will be a piece of TMJ cartilage becoming out of place or weakened. TMJ is also many times caused by health conditions like arthritis, a physical injury or a dislocated jaw.

Some other causes include persistent clenching/grinding of your teeth, as well as when an individual’s teeth and jaws simply not aligning correctly. In this common scenario, orthodontic treatment can be exactly what the individual needs to alleviate their pain!


When Orthodontic Treatment Is A Solution For TMJ Pain


Braces and invisible aligner treatment like Line-M-Up™ just so happen to be one of the most effective ways to treat TMJ pain!

If your TMJ disorder is rooted in issues pertaining to your bite alignment, then straightening your smile and re-aligning your jawbones will be the perfect solution to alleviate your pain for good. Dr. Karpac and our entire team will do whatever it takes to properly adjust your teeth and ensure that they’re correctly aligned with your jaws, and we’ve helped countless patients in the past eliminate many types of TMJ pain.

Even when TMJ disorder is rooted in jaw clenching and teeth grinding, orthodontic treatment can strongly support these cases as well. A ton of jaw clenching and teeth grinding is ultimately rooted in misaligned teeth, but jaw alignment problems can still occur even when your teeth are relatively straight. The good news is that braces and invisible aligners can come to the rescue to resolve these oral health problems for good!

However, it’s an unfortunate truth that orthodontic treatment can’t fully resolve every single TMJ cause. This is why it’s so important to speak directly with Dr. Karpac and obtain an expert diagnosis to ultimately decipher what’s causing your TMJ pain. When the JK Orthodontics team is helping you with your TMJ diagnosis, we can help you better understand which treatment method will work best for you or your child.


Schedule Your Initial Consultation With Dr. Karpac Today To Learn More About How We Support Patients With TMJ Pain


If you or your child is currently suffering from TMJ pain, then it’s very likely that the pain is rooted in jaw and/or teeth misalignment.

JK Orthodontics has supported countless patients throughout the Columbus area when it comes to alleviating TMJ pain, and we’ll help you better understand your TMJ disorder during your initial consultation.

Contact us online or call us at 614-766-0330 (Dublin office) or 614-471-6355 (Gahanna office) to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Karpac today!