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Do’s & Don’ts of Wearing Colorful Braces That Orthodontic Patients Should Know About!

Colorful braces are a fun aesthetic that help orthodontic patients make great fashion statements during their treatment journey!


colorful braces from a braces patient at JK Orthodontics


It’s always a fun idea to add a splash of color to your braces through customized rubber bands and brackets, and colorful braces have truly blown up in popularity throughout recent years.

We encourage our patients to express themselves by adding color to their braces, and our team is also here to help orthodontic patients make great aesthetic decisions that lead to awesome fashion statements throughout their treatment process. There are many tips and guidelines that braces patients need to keep in mind for this type of customization, including common problems like improper maintenance and care leading to issues like discoloration, staining, and even damages to braces.

Below we’ll be providing our list of do’s and don’ts that braces patients should keep in mind while wearing colorful braces!


Understanding How Color Psychology Connects With Colorful Braces


Color psychology refers to how specific colors impact behavior and mood. It’s also known to influence certain emotional responses associated with colors, and these responses are often impacted by factors like cultural background and age.

Although most people would generally assume that color psychology has little to do with orthodontic treatment, it does play a role with the aesthetic impacts of colorful braces. Colors evoke specific feelings, and this can have a direct impact on how others perceive a patient’s colorful braces.

Here are some basic color associations that braces patients and parents should keep in mind:


  • Red = passion & energy
  • Blue = trustworthy & calm
  • Green = harmony & growth
  • Yellow = optimism & happiness
  • Purple/Orange = confident & outgoing
  • Light blue/Pink = sensitive & gentle


It’s important to keep these color associations in mind while choosing the color of your braces, but it’s also important to remember that colorful braces are meant to reflect a patient’s personality. Choosing braces colors that align with your personal tastes will always go a long way to make the treatment process more fun and enjoyable!


Do’s of Wearing Colorful Braces


There are many fun do’s that braces patients should consider while wearing colorful braces, and these tips help make the orthodontic treatment process easier and more aesthetic:


Matching Your Skin Tone With Your Braces Colors


One helpful tip is to consider your skin tone while you’re in the process of choosing the color of your braces. Certain colors do a better job at complementing different skin tones better than others, which can lead to a more aesthetic look on a daily basis.

For example, people with warmer undertones might find that warm colors like orange or red look great, whereas people with cooler undertones might prefer cooler tones like purples and blues. But at the end of the day, choosing the color of your braces is always up to your personality and unique preferences!


Coordinating Your Wardrobe With Your Braces Colors


Another great tip for braces patients is to take a close look at your wardrobe prior to choosing your braces colors. The general palette of your clothing can help when it comes to complementing your outfits with your braces colors, as opposed to clashing with your favorite outfits.

This is really helpful because blending your braces colors with your clothes will help show off your personality, while also creating a cohesive aesthetic that looks great. And just remember that you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with different patterns and braces colors throughout your orthodontic journey, because experimenting can help you find the colors that work best!


Don’ts of Wearing Colorful Braces


There are also some potential don’ts that braces patients need to consider when choosing colorful braces, including:


Avoiding Colors For Certain Situations


Although it’s fun to make a statement with your braces colors, it’s sometimes possible for specific colors to not be socially suitable for certain situations. This is especially the case for adult patients who are in a professional setting on daily basis, because bright neon colors might not necessarily be the best look at some offices.

The same can be said for other clashing, loud colors when you’re in situations like formal job interviews or professional networking events. In these kinds of scenarios, bright colors can sometimes be distracting and off-putting.

But the good news is that you can always choose more subtle colors when you know that you need to maintain a professional appearance during your treatment journey!


Other Common Mistakes When Choosing Braces Colors


It’s important for patients to not choose a braces color that clashes with their natural teeth color, and the most common example of this is yellow braces standing out and inadvertently drawing attention to any stains. When you choose braces colors that blend well with your teeth, you’ll minimize any imperfections with your smile—which can significantly improve your overall look during treatment.

It’s also smart to avoid braces colors that don’t coordinate well with your daily wardrobe, and the JK Orthodontics team is always here when you want to switch to a more subtle color before job interviews, formal events and other professional outings.


Tips For Maintaining Your Colorful Braces


Maintaining the vibrancy and brightness of your colorful braces is important for showcasing your personality throughout your treatment journey, and the best thing patients can do to prevent any discoloration is brush and floss regularly.

It’s also a good idea to use a soft-bristled toothbrush, because this will help you avoid any damages to your color coatings.

Avoiding harmful drinks and foods like coffee, tea and soda is also crucial for preventing stains on your braces. Patients should also remember to use a straw whenever drinking any dark-colored beverages.


Dealing With Discoloration & Staining


One potential challenge associated with wearing colorful braces is the possibility of experiencing discoloration or staining.

Dr. Karpac will be able to provide you with professional-grade cleaning solutions when you need help removing any stubborn stains, and braces patients should also avoid smoking and minimize their consumption of staining drinks and foods as well.

Regular orthodontic checkup appointments can also help you catch discoloration before it develops. Braces patients also must remain committed to their oral hygiene routines on a daily basis.

It’s also important to remember that our team is here to help when you need any advice or support when it comes to dealing with any discoloration during your treatment process!


Reach Out To The JK Orthodontics Team To Learn More About Our Colorful Braces!


Parents and patients need to remember the above do’s and don’ts while wearing colorful braces. Matching your personality with your braces is always a fun way to express yourself, and keeping a cohesive appearance will also enhance your overall aesthetic look throughout your treatment process.

JK Orthodontics is an orthodontic care leader in Dublin and the entire Columbus metro area, and our team is here to answer your questions and point you in the right direction toward a successful, healthy and fun treatment journey.

Reach out to us online or give us a call at 614-766-0330 to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Karpac today!