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Drawbacks Of Permanent Retainers That You Should Know About!

Although there may be some benefits to permanent retainers, orthodontic patients and parents should know about some of these drawbacks!

JK Orthodontics utilizes removable retainers after orthodontic treatment has concluded.


Permanent retainers are comprised of a metal wire that is glued to an orthodontic patient’s teeth after their treatment has concluded. The wire is essentially attached to an individual’s teeth and then adjusted to bite parameters to ensure that teeth don’t shift.

Some orthodontists will suggest permanent retainers if patients or parents may be concerned about the necessary adherences associated with removable retainers, and the majority of permanent retainers are typically used solely on an orthodontic patient’s lower teeth.

But there are certain drawbacks to permanent retainers that have caused the JK Orthodontics team to choose not to utilize this retainer technology. Below we’ll be going over some of the drawbacks to permanent retainers that you should know about, as well as the advantages associated with removable retainers:


Drawbacks Of Permanent Retainers


It’s important for orthodontic patients and parents to understand some of the potential drawbacks of permanent retainers that could occur, which include the following:


  • The attachment procedure can be pretty uncomfortable and long. It may take up to an hour to successfully bond an individual’s teeth to a permanent retainer, whereas removable retainers will only require a simple impression that then develops a retainer which fits perfectly.


  • Brushing/flossing can be a hassle when wearing a permanent retainer. It’s possible for an orthodontic patient’s chances of developing oral health issues like gum disease, bone loss, loose teeth glued together as a unit, and cavities to increase while wearing a permanent retainer, and this primarily because you’ll need to thoroughly clean around the retainer on a daily basis. This is a primary concern, and you’ll need to thoroughly clean around the retainer on a daily basis. This of course can be a lot easier said than done for a lot of people just finishing their orthodontic treatment! Your glued-in retainer also needs to be checked and evaluated by your dentist twice a year at your check-up appointments as long as it’s glued into your mouth.


  • It can be uncomfortable to always have a metal object within your mouth. It’s important for orthodontic patients and parents to know that the patient’s tongue will easily rub up against the wire on a regular basis, and this can potentially lead to tongue scratches and irritations when the bonding starts to wear down. This issue can also occur if the metal wire breaks.


  • Certain foods can affect the retainer’s effectiveness. When an orthodontic patient bites into any tough/hard foods while wearing a permanent retainer, it can potentially cause the metal wire to bend in the wrong ways. Some examples of food that can pose this type of risk are apples and steak. It’s also important to note that foods and drinks that are high in artificial sugars can potentially break down the retainer’s bonding material and negatively impact the retainer’s overall usefulness.


  • Wires regularly de-bond or break off, which requires replacements and extensive repairs. When this type of scenario occurs, it’s possible that an orthodontic team would charge you for replacement fees and the costs to have a new permanent retainer developed.


Benefits Associated With Removable Retainers


Our orthodontic patients will receive removable retainers, and there are many reasons, including the above drawbacks of permanent retainers, as to why we’ve chosen this methodology.

Some of the benefits of removable retainers that you should know about include:


  • You can take them out when you want to. This includes during all sorts of daily activities, including eating and cleaning your teeth. There are many instances in which patients will only be required to wear their retainers while they sleep, so retainer use after orthodontic treatment doesn’t have to coincide with every portion of every day!


  • Getting an impression is very easy. It typically only takes about 1 minute for us to successfully develop the mold that’s needed to create your removable retainer, and this retainer will last for many years to come.


  • Removable retainers are easy to clean. We’ll be sure to provide you with a cleaning solution that you’ll soak your retainer within on a daily basis. Cleaning your removable retainer is important because bacteria buildup can happen rather quickly, so it’s a good thing that this type of cleaning process is easy and convenient!


  • It’s much easier to floss. This is the case simply because you’ll be able to take your retainer out and won’t have to worry about flossing around your retainer. And as we all know, flossing on a daily basis is absolutely critical for an individual’s long-term oral health.


  • Removable retainers are much more suitable for upper teeth. A patient’s lower teeth can potentially bite their upper, permanent retainer, and this is something that no one should have to worry about with every bite they take.


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