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Drinking And Eating Tips For Line-M-Up™ Patients

Although Line-M-Up™ requires less dietary restrictions than traditional braces, there are still some major considerations for patients and parents to keep in mind!

invisible aligners and Line-M-Up are helping patients


If you or your child has recently been fitted with JK Orthodontic’s revolutionary invisible aligner system called Line-M-Up™, then it’s likely that Dr. Karpac or one of our team members provided you with some helpful information about eating and drinking throughout your treatment process.

Although Line-M-Up™ patients don’t have to worry about many of the dietary restrictions associated with traditional metal braces, there are still several crucial tips for Line-M-Up™ patients to keep in mind and follow on a daily basis.

All of us at JK Orthodontics understand just how important it is for invisible aligner patients to follow specific instructions, and that undergoing invisible aligner treatment inherently requires a high level of self-discipline.

Below we’ll be going over eating and drinking tips associated with wearing Line-M-Up™, and always feel free to contact us online if you have any questions about these tips!


Eating With Line-M-Up™ Aligners


The good news for Line-M-Up™ patients is that you’ll be able to eat just about anything you want while undergoing this type of orthodontic treatment, and this is mainly because invisible aligners are very different from traditional metal braces.

Traditional braces are attached to each tooth with brackets and wires, and this setup causes food to more easily get stuck underneath and around brackets. There are also risks associated with wires and brackets becoming loose due to eating certain foods, which is always a hassle for any patient.

But what’s great about Line-M-Up™ is that you’ll simply need to remove your aligner trays when you’re ready to eat a meal or snack. It’s still important for invisible aligner patients to understand that certain sticky and crunchy foods are still best to be avoided during these treatment processes. You’re also going to need to wear your aligners for a minimum of 22 hours each day, so the more efficiently you can snack or eat a meal the sooner you can put your trays back on.

Of course abiding by this 22-hour rule is a lot easier said than done for some patients, but no matter what every patient must ensure that they’re doing their due diligence to wear their aligners as much as possible and never less than 20 hours in a day.

Another important tip to keep in mind when it comes to eating with Line-M-Up™ is that you’re inevitably going to need to properly clean your teeth and trays due to being able to eat essentially whatever you want, and we’ll delve deeper into these cleaning tips a little further below.


Drinking With Line-M-Up™


Drinking is a little bit different than eating when it comes to wearing Line-M-Up™ trays, and this is partly because certain hot liquids can actually pose serious threats to the plastic aligner trays. However, if you’re drinking cool or room temperature water, then it’ll be perfectly OK to keep your Line-M-Up™ aligners in.

But other beverages, particularly hot ones like coffee, will require patients to remove their aligners prior to drinking. Although you’ll only be wearing a set of aligners for about 3-4 weeks at a time, it’s never a good scenario to experience aligner warping!

When it comes to other cooler beverages like iced tea or lemonade, it’s also very important to remove your aligners prior to drinking. Sugary beverages will also require Line-M-Up™ patients to thoroughly rinse their mouths with water and brush before putting their trays back in, because your trays will potentially trap sugar particles up against your teeth and gums.


Taking Care Of Your Mouth And Aligner Trays


It’s a common misconception that invisible aligner patients require less daily upkeep as compared to traditional braces patients, because ensuring the cleanliness of your teeth and mouth after each meal and beverage is arguably more important for Line-M-Up™ patients. Your invisible aligners will be sitting directly over your teeth for several hours each day, so you’ll undoubtedly want to brush more often to ensure a clean feeling within your mouth.

It’s very important for Line-M-Up™ patients to brush their teeth and aligners each morning when they wake up and at night before bed, but we also recommend keeping a travel toothbrush and dental kit with you so you can thoroughly clean during the daytime.

Anytime you take your aligner trays out, it’ll be important to at least give them a rinse in warm water before putting them back in. This will help you to better eliminate any chances of bacterial/acidic buildup within your aligners.

When you’re cleaning out your aligner trays, all you’ll need is a toothbrush with soft bristles and a little bit of dishwashing soap.


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