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How BioPURE’s Goldshield 5 Is Keeping Our Patients And Staff Safe From COVID-19

A groundbreaking antimicrobial technology is helping all of us at James Karpac Orthodontics to eliminate the risks of COVID-19!


A really incredible antimicrobial product from bioPURE and Goldshield Technologies called the Goldshield 5 is helping all of us at James Karpac Orthodontics when it comes to adequately disinfecting our office furniture, walls, desks, dental chairs, counters, etc., and what’s so unique about this antimicrobial technology is that it can reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure.

There’s no doubt about it that this is a major step for the entire healthcare industry as everyone continues to combat COVID-19, and our team understands how this type of reassurance is important to all of our patients as they start coming back in for in-person treatment.

Although Goldshield 5 isn’t necessarily new within the orthodontic industry, a recent study by Guilin HBM Health Protections Inc. has been conducted to evaluate its overall effectiveness against COVID-19. We want to let all of you know that the results of this study are very promising when it comes to proving just how effective this type of residual bio barrier is for maintaining cleanliness within our office walls.

The protection is even beyond our own expectations, and our team is very encouraged in now knowing just how effective the Goldshield 5 is when it comes to eliminating COVID-19 risks! We know just how important it is to adequately protect within our office walls for both the safety of our team and our patients, and we’re making sure to continuously remain on the cutting edge of the healthcare industry when it comes to safety precautions!


How Our bioPURE Technology Is Helping Us Disinfect Our Offices At A Whole New Level!


Consistent cleaning and disinfection is simply an increased factor within our daily routines in the age of COVID-19, and we’re fortunate enough to be utilizing state-of-the-art cleaning technology to assist our team’s cleaning efforts on a daily basis.

Our partner bioPURE is known throughout the healthcare industry for their cutting-edge chlorine dioxide (CLO2) technologies, which is helping us thoroughly disinfect our facilities in superior ways.

Here are some of the features that help our cleaning technology stand out amongst the rest of the orthodontic industry:

  • The Goldshield 5 and our bioPURE products have combined chemistry and physics together in order to adequately kill all bacteria, viral contaminants and germs on a cellular level.
  • Our cleaning products utilize an electrostatic delivery system, which helps us successfully disinfect our entire offices much more efficiently.
  • After treatment, our offices can resume its normal business operations in as little as 15 minutes!
  • All of our cleaning technologies have been approved by the EPA and are proven to be effective against COVID-19

To learn more about the effectiveness of CLO2, check out this study conducted by the American Society For Microbiology.


Reach Out To Our Team To Learn More About How We’re Keeping Our Patients And Employees Safe From COVID-19!


There’s no denying that the pandemic has put all of us on edge when it comes to hygiene, which is why we’re making sure to go above and beyond when it comes to ensuring the overall safety of our offices and personal protective equipment.

You can be rest assured that we’re taking each in-person appointment one at a time, and that Dr. Karpac and the whole team is consistent, so everyone is getting treatment in a 100% hygienic environment.

Of course we also understand that you’re likely to have many different questions/concerns when it comes to keeping you and your kids safe during treatment, so always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 614-766-0330 (Dublin office) of 614-471-6355 (Gahanna office) today to speak with our team about how we’re keeping everyone safe throughout the pandemic!