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How To Make Your Orthodontic Rubber Bands Work For Your Style!

Orthodontic rubber bands don’t have to cramp you or your child’s style, and they can actually be a lot of fun!

rubber bands are a crucial part of every orthodontic treatment process


It’s first and foremost important to know that your orthodontic rubber bands are undoubtedly working for you throughout your treatment process, particularly when it comes to correcting malocclusions and jaw alignment.

Rubber bands, aka elastic ligatures, are absolutely critical when it comes to securing the wires found within braces brackets, but you should know that these bands can also be much more than just a functional component to your treatment. Since the bands around each bracket are consistently replaced during your follow-up appointments, you can take these opportunities to boost your style points with new color schemes.

Below are some ways that you can use your orthodontic rubber bands to work for your unique style!


Making A Statement


Your orthodontic rubber bands will offer all sorts of opportunities when it comes to color coordination with your team, interests and events. For example, if you’re a swimmer then you might enjoy having turquoise or cool blue colors. Or maybe you’re a big Batman fan and want to go with yellow and black.

A lot of patients will color coordinate their rubber bands with the colors of their favorite sports team, which is a great way to support your squad with every smile. The same goes for school colors, because you can show your school spirit via matching rubber bands.

Another fun idea is to make a statement with your rubber bands based upon what time of year it is, which can help you be more prepared for celebrating holidays and other types of festivities!


Suiting Your Personality


Whether it’s tranquil greens and blues, passionate oranges and reds, or hip pinks and purples, it’s safe to say that there are many rubber band colors that’ll perfectly suit your personality.

You can embrace your orthodontic rubber band color choice as an opportunity to showcase who you are, and you can always switch things up throughout your treatment when you want to show different sides of you!


Coordinating Your Personal Aesthetics


A lot of patients are also interested in matching their rubber bands with their makeup preferences, eye color, favorite clothing colors, and many other personal aesthetics.

If you know of a color profile that works well within your personal style, then you can make your bands an added accessory that boosts your overall look. You of course don’t always have to perfectly match everything, and complementing your clothes/aesthetics with coordinating shades is always a great option!


Keeping A Low Profile


A lot of people don’t mind sticking with monochromatic rubber band sets, and this could be the option that appeals most to you or your child as well.

Silver and gray bands are always going to blend in perfectly with your silver braces and wires, and patients with clear braces may prefer to use less noticeable rubber band colors.


Keeping Color Theory In Mind


It’s important to remember that certain orthodontic rubber band colors will do a better job at bringing out your tooth color and other personal traits as compared to others.

Yellow and white rubber bands may potentially give off a dull tooth appearance, and food-like hues like black, brown and green can also pose visual conflicts. But choosing your rubber band colors is supposed to be fun, and it can totally make your entire orthodontic treatment experience more enjoyable and stylish!


Reach Out To The JK Orthodontics Team To Learn More About Orthodontic Rubber Bands!


JK Orthodontics has helped many patients throughout Central Ohio when it comes to making orthodontic treatment more fun and enjoyable, and one way to do this is by embracing the style of orthodontic rubber bands.

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