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How To Take Care Of Your Smile After Line-M-Up™ Treatment

It’s always very exciting when a patient completes their Line-M-Up™ treatment, but you’re not necessarily done once you’ve obtained your new smile!

line-m-up is a popular invisible aligner technology from JK Orthodontics












Once you’ve gone through the 12-18 months of orthodontic treatment and support from the JK Orthodontics team, you’ll be ready to finalize your Line-M-Up™ invisible aligner treatment process. That’s of course great news, but you may be wondering what now when you reach the end of your treatment.

Line-M-Up™ is Dr. Karpac’s patented invisible aligner technology that has become incredibly popular all throughout Central Ohio for many different reasons, but the number one thing you can count on through our expert treatment is great results. But what’s also important for patients to remember is that you’ll have to provide your new smile with proper upkeep in order to ensure that it does in fact last for the rest of your life!

Below we’ll be going over some of the care tips to keep in mind for after your Line-M-Up™ treatment, which include the following:


What You Should Eat After Line-M-Up™ Treatment


One of the great benefits of Line-M-Up™ is that your diet isn’t quite as impacted as compared to traditional braces, and this is because you’ll remove your invisible aligners before each meal and snack. But what a lot of people forget is that your teeth are likely going to be a little bit sensitive in the first few weeks after your treatment ends, and this is because they’re finally settling into their new positions.

When you are experiencing sensitivity or any kind of discomfort after your treatment, you should try to avoid hard, chewy and crunchy foods until your pain subsides. Keeping food temperature in mind is also important when you have tooth sensitivity, which means you should try to avoid any foods that are especially hot or cold.

This sensitivity shouldn’t persist for too long, but if it does then you can take an over-the-counter pain medication like Ibuprofen, Motrin or Advil until symptoms are gone. Another good tip to help with sensitivity is regularly rinsing and gargling with warm salt water.


Taking Good Care Of Your New Smile


Oral hygiene is incredibly important throughout your orthodontic treatment process, and this is something that becomes a part of your regular upkeep for your new smile as well. When you’ve finalized your Line-M-Up™ treatment, you’ll still need to floss and brush thoroughly on a daily basis to eliminate plaque buildup and ensure the overall integrity of your smile.

Maintaining your regular dental visit schedule is also very important after your treatment ends, because seeing your dentist at least twice a year will be a good habit to keep no matter how perfect your new smile looks. One important purpose of regular dental checkups is to detect any changes with your teeth, because this will help you better know if you potentially need a follow-up appointment with Dr. Karpac.

A lot of adult Line-M-Up™ patients actually went through orthodontic treatment earlier in life and had to re-do their treatment due to poor after-care, which is why it’s so important to keep tabs on your teeth and do whatever is necessary to make sure they don’t shift away from their ideal positioning!


Wearing Your Retainer


The #1 most important thing that patients must remember after they’ve finalized their Line-M-Up™ treatment is to wear their retainer (your last aligner). When you wear your retainer regularly, you’ll ensure that your teeth won’t shift back to their original position. It’s important to be consistent with retainer usage, which means at least every day for the first year after treatment ends. After that, you should wear your retainer at least 3-5 nights each week.

It’s also important to note that you don’t need to stress when you lose or damage your retainer, because you can simply call one of our offices and we’ll be sure to get your retainer usage back on track as soon as possible.


Reach Out To The JK Orthodontics Team To Learn More About After-Care Tips For When Your Line-M-Up™ Treatment Ends!


JK Orthodontics has supported countless patients throughout Central Ohio with our state-of-the-art invisible aligner technology called Line-M-Up™, and we’re more than confident that you or your child will love the benefits and conveniences associated with this incredible orthodontic treatment option!

Contact us online or call us at 614-766-0330 (Dublin office) or 614-471-6355 (Gahanna office) to get in touch with our team today and learn more about after-care tips for when your treatment ends!