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Is It Possible To Switch Orthodontists During Your Treatment Process?

We hear from many orthodontic patients who are new to Dublin Ohio, so here’s what you need to know about switching orthodontists!

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Orthodontic treatment is an important stage of any teen’s childhood, but it unfortunately gets overshadowed by other big familial moments like moving to a new city.

So if your child is in the middle of their treatment process and your family has recently relocated to the Dublin Ohio area, it’s important to know that you’re not alone and our team regularly comes across this scenario!

No matter what stage you’re currently in, you’re going to need a new orthodontist to continue your treatment—and the JK Orthodontics team is happy to help newcomers to Dublin with their treatment transitions.

Below we’ll be detailing everything you need to know about switching orthodontists during the middle of your braces or invisible aligner treatment!


Is It Possible To Switch Orthodontists?


Absolutely! Life happens to all of us, so it’s definitely possible to switch orthodontists during your treatment process. Orthodontic transfers happen frequently, and family relocations are just one of many reasons why someone might want to change their orthodontic team.

At JK Orthodontics, we’ve had the opportunity to support many transfer patients, so we’ve heard from many parents about their concerns associated with continuing orthodontic treatment after moving to Dublin.

We’ve also helped patients who simply weren’t happy with their initial orthodontic treatment results and/or care, and we’ve proven the merits of our cutting-edge, personalized treatment plans countless times through delivering top-quality treatment results!


Step-By-Step Process To Change Orthodontists


Although switching your orthodontist during the middle of your treatment process might not necessarily be the most convenient thing to do, it can be done by following just a few easy steps.

Our team will help you cover every base during your transition to ensure that everything goes smoothly, and that your treatment doesn’t have any hiccups. Below are some of the steps to keep in mind while you’re changing orthodontists:


1. Inform Your Current Orthodontist


The first thing you’ll need to do to prepare for an orthodontic treatment transition is let your current orthodontist know that you’re relocating or switching practices. The sooner you let your orthodontist know about your ensuing move, the sooner they’ll be able to prepare vital information for your new orthodontist.

If you paid-in-full for your orthodontic treatment, you’ll need to reach out to the practice’s financial coordinator to prorate your account and get your money back. In general, it’s very important to give your current orthodontist enough time to help you adequately prepare for your treatment transfer.

And by all means, let your orthodontist know that you’re moving to the Dublin or Columbus metro area. We receive countless referrals from other orthodontists when their patients are moving to our area, and we love hearing from our fellow industry leaders!


2. Finding Orthodontic Experts In Your New Area


You won’t always go with your current orthodontist’s referrals or recommendations, and it’s a good idea to do your own research about your new area’s orthodontic industry. If you’re moving to the Columbus metro area or right here in Dublin, you could always try searching queries like orthodontist dublin ohio or orthodontic experts near Columbus OH to get a glimpse into what your best options are.

If you’re moving to our area, we encourage you to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Karpac. We can even do a virtual orthodontic consultation prior to your move, so we’re here to make your move as easy as possible and ensure that your treatment doesn’t experience any delays.

And just like with all hiring decisions, it’s important to check out online reviews prior to making any final investments. Check out our 100+ Five-star reviews to see what our past customers are saying about their experiences with us!


3. Choosing The Right Orthodontist For You & Your Family


There are many factors to keep in mind while navigating through a potential orthodontist’s website. Be sure that you’re getting the information that you need to make an informed investment decision, and be sure to read the orthodontist’s profile to ensure that you’re hiring an experienced industry specialist.

Dr. Karpac is one of the most experienced orthodontists in the entire state of Ohio, and he’s the go-to specialist for the Dublin community and the entire Columbus metro area. We accept transfer patients, and we’re happy to help guarantee you or your child’s long-term treatment results!


How Much Do Orthodontic Treatment Transfers Cost?


Once you come to our Dublin office and meet Dr. Karpac for your consultation appointment, we’ll be able to create a personalized treatment plan that picks up exactly where you’re leaving off with your current orthodontist.

So although transfer costs will vary depending upon where a patient currently is within their treatment process, we’ll easily be able to work out financing options that thoroughly cover the cost of you or your child’s remaining treatment.


Are You In Need Of A New Orthodontist In Dublin Ohio? Reach Out To Our Team Today!


If your family is moving to Dublin or you’re looking for a new orthodontist in our area, we’d love to meet you!

JK Orthodontics is a renowned orthodontic treatment practice that has helped thousands of patients obtain beautiful new smiles, and we’re more than happy to help continue your treatment journey under Dr. Karpac’s expert care.

Reach out to us online or give us a call at 614-766-0330 to let us know about your upcoming transition!