Special Letter to Patients - April 9, 2020

April 9, 2020

Dear Current, Past, and Future Patients,

Hi everyone, this is Dr. Karpac! I want you to know we are there for you. There are a lot of uncertainties now, but one is for certain, we are there for you. We are currently closed until May 1 st at the earliest, but that may change and get moved out according the Ohio State Dental Board or the Governor.

We are open to answer the phone Monday thru Thursday from 9-5. We are only allowed to see emergencies. According to the Ohio State Dental Board that includes, a long wire that is causing irritation, an infection, or trauma to the braces from an accident. A loose brace does not constitute an emergency. It is an inconvenience. If you have something that is concerning, you can go to our website, click on ‘Virtual Appointment” and send me photos and I will make an assessment on what needs to be done if anything for now.


You can also send me these so I can check in on you and assure you everything is going o.k. In some offices patients are seen every 6-8 weeks. We try to see you every 4 weeks. I feel I owe that to you but going 8 weeks without supervision is not that concerning at this point.

Many of you wonder how it will affect your orthodontic or aligner treatment. Let me explain that teeth move even if we don’t see you with braces on and wires in place, or aligners. We were checking you monthly so that everything stays on track. That’s what an orthodontist provides and why you have chosen not to undertake “Do It Yourself” orthodontics. We know that teeth move efficiently over time without seeing you because of patients that cannot come in due to extended travel, family emergencies, etc. So, don’t be concerned at this time. Some of you may be close to getting your braces off, but look at it this way, there is no better retainer than the braces on your teeth and wires in place in their final position.

As far as payments, I have instructed Maryann to work with each and every one of you individually. I will continue to provide your treatment once the cloud is lifted and we will work out the financials later.
From what I am hearing, we may not be seeing patients for at least another month or more. It all depends on the curve. If it flattens out putting less stress on the healthcare system, it will be a while before we see you. And this is what I am anticipating happening.

For now, Maryann is scheduling out a month in advance and we may soon just schedule everyone out to June or mid June and go from there. We will not be able to get everyone in on day one when the doors reopen. So, if you had an appointment on a certain day, I have instructed Maryann to schedule you 30 days out for now, so we
have some assemblance of less chaos once the doors reopen.

I know there is a lot of time out there and there are new patients that are looking at our website and making decisions for themselves and their family. I trust that you will gain confidence in our approach and how we do things. And I thank you for calling and scheduling a new patient appointment. We can
see you virtually through our website by submitting photos and your concerns on the “Virtual appointment” widget.

To all you, I thank you for your understanding in these crazy times. Stay healthy, follow the rules and we will be back at it soon.

I will be in touch as I know more,

Dr. Karpac