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Six Benefits of Straight, Healthy Teeth


Few people disagree about the importance of healthy teeth. However, do you know that the benefits of a straight and healthy smile extend far beyond just conventional wisdom? Here are six significant positive results of investing in your orthodontic well-being. 

Increased Confidence
While cosmetic concerns may or may not be on your list of reasons to see an orthodontist, a straight smile is a great boost for your self-esteem. Straight, healthy teeth give you the confidence to share your smile all day long. There are many physical benefits of a healthy smile, but don’t underestimate the psychological perks as well.

Easier Oral Hygiene
The spaces between overlapping or misaligned teeth are difficult to reach for cleaning. For this reason, a straight smile is important for oral hygiene. Straight teeth make both brushing and flossing easier and more effective.

Reduced Jaw Pain and Headaches
Crooked teeth wear down unevenly over time. This leads to tension in your jaw and head, contributing to jaw pain, tooth pain, and headaches. Additionally, misaligned teeth are often a cause for other jaw issues such as TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorders).

Lower Risk of Gum Disease
There are many causes of gum disease, but chief among them is poor dental hygiene. When the misalignment of teeth obstructs adequate cleaning, teeth are more likely to hold onto food particles and attract bacteria. This bacteria builds up over time and leads to gum disease. Orthodontic care not only straightens your bite for healthy teeth. It protects the health of your gums, as well.

Less Risk of Dental Injury
Teeth that are crooked, misaligned, or protruding are more at risk for injury. Straight teeth protect one another by preventing impact or snags on foreign objects. A straight, healthy smile is a good defense against accidental dental injury or damage.

Better Overall Health
High-quality dental health has been linked to many other indicators of overall health. Straighter teeth lead to less tooth decay and gum disease. Studies link gum disease with other diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. A straight, healthy smile is a good indication that the rest of your body is in good shape as well.

You may visit an orthodontist for any number of reasons. However, it is good to know that healthy teeth will not only fulfill your desired goals but many more. Research shows that a straight, healthy smile is good for every part of you. Interested in improving your smile? Call James Karpac Orthodontics today to schedule a consultation.