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There’s an App for that!

Did you know that there are apps designed specifically for people who wear braces?? It’s true! We have combed the internet and have brought you a list of apps for all of our fabulous braces-wearers!

Brace Yourself

This fun app puts braces on a picture of your smiling face. You may want to know how you would look in braces before take the plunge at the orthodontist’s office. Or, maybe you already have braces, and your brother or sister (or friends, or parents!) want to know how they would look in braces like yours.

Braces Help

This helpful app provides critical orthodontic information for people who wear braces. Menu options include Elastics, Brush Timer, Color Braces, My Doctor, Home Care, Food Center, Emergency, and more. From answering your basic questions about braces care to helping you pick the color of your braces and helping you remember what to do when a problem with your braces arises, this certainly seems to be a handy app to keep on your device!

Brush DJ

This app isn’t necessarily specifically for people with braces, but it is a fun way to help everyone take the time they really need to brush their teeth. The app plays songs from your library or from a streaming service, and sets a timer for two minutes, so you can have fun while you brush for exactly as long as you need to. The app also allows you to set reminders for when it’s time to exchange your old toothbrush for a new one, or when it’s time to brush or floss, and even when you need to make your next dental appointment.

RubberBand Reminder

Speaking of setting alarms, this helpful app reminds you to wear your rubber bands. Wearing your rubber bands when you’re supposed to decreases the amount of time you’ll need to wear braces. In addition to giving you reminders, the app can “challenge” you, by asking you throughout the day if you’re currently wearing your rubber bands. Based on your (honest!) answers, the app will grade you on your progress that you can proudly show your parents and orthodontist. The app also has a fun “braces-off-O-meter” that rangers from “You’ll never get them off” to “You are going as fast as possible.” This app certainly seems like a fun and helpful way to encourage braces-wearers to stay on track!

My Day: Countdown Timer

This app can be used for any number of special days, but we know if you have braces, the day your braces come off can feel like the most important day of your life! This app is easy to use and has beautiful graphics for whatever occasion you are counting down to (get the app for your braces, keep it for other important dates in your life!). Not only can you count DOWN to the day your braces come off; you can also count UP to appreciate the number of days you have powered through so far.