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Tips & Tricks To Properly Care For Your Retainers!

Every orthodontic patient needs to understand proper retainer care!

JK Orthodontics utilizes removable retainers after orthodontic treatment has concluded.


A lot of orthodontic patients aren’t fully aware of just how important it is to take retainer care seriously. Neglecting to properly maintain, clean and wear your retainers can lead to issues like oral infections, bad breath, teeth damage, and slowly but surely losing your treatment’s end results.

The JK Orthodontics team always provides top-quality retainers for both braces and Line-M-Up™ patients, and below we’re providing some tips and tricks to help you keep your retainers odor-free, clean and fully effective toward preserving your new beautiful smile!


How To Effectively Clean Your Retainers


One of the most important parts of retainer care is proper cleaning, and a lot of patients struggle with this due to the time commitment it takes alongside your daily dental hygiene routine. Failing to clean your retainers on a daily basis will lead to bacteria buildup, which can lead to significant dilemmas like bad breath and even oral infections.

In order to effectively clean your retainers, you’ll need to use a specialized retainer cleaner or mild soap with a soft-bristled toothbrush. You’ll want to gently scrub any leftover residue away, as well as thoroughly rinse your retainers so that you’re not leaving behind any cleaning solution.


Tips For Properly Storing Your Retainers


Just as it’s important to effectively clean your retainers, it’s also important to carefully store them when you’re not using them. We’ll provide you with a protective retainer storage case to help you prevent loss and damages, and it’s also important to keep this case clean by regularly washing it with water and mild soap.

You should also avoid leaving your retainers exposed to direct sunlight and high temperatures, because this can potentially warp them. Orthodontic patients should follow these retainer storage tips to better ensure the long-term effectiveness of their retainers and overall treatment results!


Understanding The Importance of Retainer Care


Properly storing and cleaning your retainers on a daily basis is absolutely critical for maintaining your post-treatment oral hygiene, as well as retaining your teeth alignment.

Neglecting these upkeep tasks often leads to many problems like foul retainer odors, bacterial growth, and an increased risk of incurring an oral infection. Consistency truly is key when it comes to your retainer care routine, and this is particularly important during the first year after your treatment has completed!


Common Factors That Impact Retainer Comfort & Fit


Even when you take good care of your retainers, there are certain factors that can influence how your retainer feels and fits within your mouth. This can include jaw growth and teeth shifting, as well as lifestyle habits like teeth clenching or grinding.

It’s also important to assume that any type of retainer looseness or discomfort could potentially indicate a need for a replacement or adjustment appointment. Some other factors that can impact retainer effectiveness include:


  • Irregular wear schedule
  • Improper cleaning and care routines
  • Changes in facial structure or weight
  • Common wear and tear (chips, cracks, fit changes)


Tips To Keep Your Retainers Hygienic & Odor-Free


Regular cleaning is the most important thing you can do to maintain the hygiene of your retainers, and below is a list of tips that you should pin up in your bathroom:


  • Soak your retainers in baking soda and water (or a denture cleaner) on a weekly basis.


  • Gently use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your retainers on a daily basis.


  • Avoid harsh chemicals, hot water, or any type of excessive bending.


  • Thoroughly rinse your retainers with water and mild soap after each wearing.


  • Always store your retainers in a protective case when you’re not wearing them.


  • Keep up with your dental and orthodontic checkup appointments, and bring your retainers with you for these appointments.


Reach Out To JK Orthodontics To Learn More About Retainer Care!


Properly taking care of your retainers is crucial for the overall effectiveness and longevity of your orthodontic treatment results, and the above tricks and tips are a great guide to point you in the right direction toward a healthy and sustainable post-care routine.

JK Orthodontics is here to help you or your child stay committed to retainer care, and we’re always available to answer your questions and ensure that you maintain the many benefits of having a beautiful and confident smile.

Reach out to us online or give us a call at 614-766-0330 to speak with our specialists today and learn more retainer care tips!