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Top Reasons to Consider Line-M-Up™ Clear Liners

Orthodontics is a wide field of specialties and services, but what most people don’t realize is that orthodontists and engineers are constantly searching for new ways to help our patients find the new smile they’ve always dreamed of. Well, we count ourselves among this esteemed group of trailblazers and are proud to announce our brand new options for orthodontic treatment: the Line-M-Up™ Clear Aligner.

Here are just some of the top reasons we think you should consider our Line-M-Up™ clear aligners.

Uses Cutting-Edge Technology

While other dentists and orthodontist use basic x-rays and molds when making appliances, we’ve taken the entire process a step further by integrating 3D intra-oral scanners to map the surfaces of your mouth.

Next, we coordinate with our software team to understand the mapping of your mouth and give you a video that shows how your teeth have shifted and how we can move them back into their ideal positions.

Excellent Fit and Comfort

The video isn’t just designed for your viewing pleasure, it also creates a roadmap that we can use to plan your path to a shiny and straight new smile.

The best part? Our staff uses a brand-new 3D printer to create the aligners you need for your teeth, which means that you will get a strong-but-light dental appliance that fits the contours of your mouth better than any other product on the market.

Fast Creation and Replacement

Waiting for your dental appliances to arrive can feel like forever. And what happens if you chip or lose a tooth while you’re waiting? 

Fortunately for our patients, our brand-new Line-M-Up™ clear aligners are made in-house and can take as little as one week to be created and ready for you to use. This means no more stressful wait times and a quick step towards your perfectly aligned teeth.

Advancing orthodontic strategies and tools is just one of the things we are dedicated to here at James Karpac Orthodontics, but our primary goal has always been and always will be to give you the best treatment possible. Give our staff a call today at (614) 763-6289 or visit us online and find out how you may be the perfect candidate for Line-M-Up™ clear aligners.