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Week 3 Update – A Letter from Dr. Karpac

Hi Everyone,

Dr Karpac here again!!!

I wanted to give you an update on how things have gone over the past two and a half weeks. They’ve been an adjustment but things are going along fine. The protocols we have instituted based on the CDC, OSHA and the OSDB are all in effect.

We have adequate face masks, shields and gloves and there is no shortage of those. What we don’t have yet is gowns and N95 masks.

I got fitted for one at OSU last week since I teach there and the reason I had to shave and they are intense. They are a tight fit.

We place glasses on every patient to protect their eyes because that is a possible invasion point of the virus. The glasses are then sterilized after each use. We have an adequate supply.

Gowns are not really necessary unless we are creating aerosol. Chairs and bracket tables and lights are all wiped down between each patient and allowed to sit for a couple of minutes before you enter your chair. We are only using two of our four chairs in the treatment area at this time.

So why do we need these N95’s?

It’s because when we take braces off we create an aerosol cloud with using a handpiece to take off the excess glue on your teeth. I like to describe it like the cartoon Peanuts character Pig-Pen.

During our day we use regular level 2 or 3 masks and face shields. In orthodontics we arent that invasive except for taking off braces. So for the average appointment a level 3 mask, shield and gloves suffice.

It may be a bit colder in the office because our glasses and shields steam up from the moisture and we are hot. We also need to wear long sleeves. We’ve gone to scrubs which I hate because I think they make us look unprofessional but it is what it is.

We know there are many of you that are on a waiting list to get your braces off.

I have ordered a special vacuum system that will gather the aerosol cloud. This system has a flexible hose system that will sit under your chin when we take off the braces and gather in that cloud of vapor. It is to arrive in mid June.

We have also instituted a special cleaning company called BioPure that comes in twice and month and sprays a biodegreadble virus and bacteria killer in the office. I trust that what they are spraying is more beneficial than the spray itself causing harm and I have done my research. You can look them up online and read their stats and specs if you are concerned.

So we are seeing around 25 patients a day at this time and I feel this is probably our maximum amount we can see without risk for you or ourselves. We are spacing out appointments a little longer now in the future after your adjustment appointment. This will not affect anyones finish time or treatment result.

I miss all the parents back at the chair with us. But we cant have that yet. I’m sorry.

So all is well at JK Orthodontics. Thank you for trusting us yourself or with your child and I want you to know that I am on this, dedicated to making sure you are safe and that your orthodontic result will be a beautiful smile.

Thanks everyone and have a great day!!