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What to Do if You Have a Broken Bracket or a Long Wire

Whether you’re currently wearing braces or had to undergo this orthodontic treatment in your past, a broken bracket is far more common than you think.

Even though these brackets are made to withstand plenty of pressure, they can break away from the tooth for a variety of reasons – luckily, this is a simple orthodontic fix. 

Learn more about what to do if your bracket broke away from the tooth, and the following important steps to take!

My Braces Bracket Came Off, Now What?

Even if you’re an all-star patient who brushes and flosses regularly, avoids candy, and hard foods, when a bracket breaks, it sometimes happens. Here are some of the most common causes: 

  • Consuming foods that are just too hard for your braces to withstand the force against them 
  • An unexpected injury to your mouth while playing sports 
  • Brushing your teeth with a little too much force or an incorrect technique
  • Using a toothpick or any other foreign object to pick at your braces
  • Flossing with too much force 

If one of your brackets come loose, there are a few important steps you should take immediately after:  

1. Assess the Situation 

First thing’s first, you’ll need to assess whether any damage has been done to your braces bracket. Check if the wire of your braces is still attached to the bracket on your tooth. If so, do not move the bracket, leave it in place. 

If the bracket of your braces is still attached to the wire but in a position that is uncomfortable in your mouth, you can try to gently press the bracket back into position where it used to be on the tooth with a cotton swab or your finger.

Once it’s back in place, apply a little orthodontic wax or sugar free gum over it until you can secure an appointment with your orthodontist. 

If the bracket has come loose from your tooth entirely and the wire, you’ll need to store it safely. Remember to take it with you to your appointment. 

2. Reduce Your Discomfort 

If the wire of your braces is jutting out and poking your gum or cheek, you’ll need to make adjustments to reduce your level of discomfort. 

Assess the wire of your braces and trim any protruding areas with nail clippers or a small wire cutter so that it alleviates the discomfort. If excess wire remains and you can’t get it clipped, you can simply press the wire down or bend it if possible onto your teeth with a wet Q-tip and cover it with orthodontic wax or sugar free gum.

3. Maintain a Good Hygiene Regimen

There may be a little time to wait between your orthodontic mishap and your next appointment. These steps are important to follow in-between. 

Remember to rinse your mouth with saltwater in order to promote cleanliness and healing if your mouth has been cut.

Try to stick to soft foods such as pasta, soup, smoothies, etc. or whatever you can tolerate. You’ll need to avoid hard, crunchy foods until your brace is  repaired and your mouth is fully healed. 

4. Schedule a Follow-Up Appointment

The urgency of your orthodontic appointment really depends on your level of discomfort. Most orthodontic problems are not true emergencies.  But don’t wait until your next appointment in a few weeks’ time – book an appointment as soon as possible. The problem may not be able to be fixed at your next regularly scheduled appointment due to time constraints, since repair visits take much longer.

Looking for Orthodontic Expertise? 

If your braces bracket came off and you’re in urgent need of an orthodontist in the Dublin, Greater Columbus, Gahanna area, JK Orthodontics is your local expert. 

We also specialize in our own clear aligner system called Line-M-Up and would be happy to schedule you in for a consult! Contact us today to achieve your perfect smile.

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