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What You Can Expect When It’s Time To Get Your Braces Removed!

It’s always a very exciting moment when your teeth are ready to be free of braces!

metal braces are a popular orthodontic treatment option at JK Orthodontics


Congratulations, you or your child has officially made it to the end of the braces treatment process! This is always such an incredible time for every young or adult patient, because you’ll now be ready to face the world with your newly-perfected smile!

It’s totally understandable if you’re extremely excited about finally getting your braces off, but there still are some important considerations to keep in mind to ensure that you do have the correct expectations for this procedure and your post-care routine.

Below we’ll be going over the braces removal process and some of the expectations that you should keep for this momentous appointment with Dr. Karpac:


The Braces Removal Process


When it’s time to take your braces off, you’ll undergo a fairly routine process that’s painless and easy. The braces removal process includes the following:


  • Your wires, brackets and molar bands will be effectively removed by hand
  • Any residual dental cement/glue will be removed with a high-speed handpiece
  • Your teeth will be thoroughly polished to remove any potential surface stains
  • And then a personalized scan will be made to develop your retainer off of 3D models


It’s pretty straightforward, but there are some expectations that patients and parents need to remember about this awesome appointment!


Keeping Realistic Expectations


Every braces patient thinks about this appointment for a long time throughout their treatment process, so it’s particularly important for patients to maintain realistic expectations. The most important expectation to remember is that your teeth have moved in between all your follow-up appointments, and that it could potentially be possible that your teeth will need some more time to adjust before your braces can actually be removed.

No one wants to have their braces removed when their teeth aren’t perfectly ready, because this could make it harder to maintain the perfect smile you’ve worked so much to get! So this is why it’s important to not be discouraged if Dr. Karpac says you actually need some more time before getting your braces off.


Plan For The Removal Appointment To Last Over An Hour


It simply is not a quick process to remove braces, so it’s important for patients and parents to plan around an hour or more for this appointment. Dr. Karpac will utilize a special device that helps loosen each bracket, but this is always an intricate step that can’t be rushed.

Once Dr. Karpac has popped off your wires, brackets and molar bands, your teeth then need to be properly cleaned. The patient will then undergo x-rays and develop a bite impression to ensure the treatment’s results and prepare for post-care upkeep.

Dr. Karpac will then fit each patient with a personalized retainer and provide instructions oriented around proper usage, so it’s safe to say that all of this can take a good amount of time as compared to your other follow-up appointments.


New Sensations Should Be Expected


It’s likely for the patient to experience some new sensations throughout the removal process. It’s possible to feel some popping, cracking and increased pressure when your brackets are being squeezed, and removing dental cement/glue will provide a scraping sensation.

It’s important to remember that these sensations are perfectly normal, but it’s possible that it may feel a bit uncomfortable at first. The braces removal process is relatively painless, and you’ll see how everything was worth it when you get your first glimpse at your new braces-free smile!


Then It’s Time To Celebrate, But Don’t Forget About Maintaining Your New Smile!


Once your braces are off, it’s almost like having a fresh start at life where you can show off your new smile wherever you go. This is always such a momentous occasion for every braces patient, but every patient needs to remember how important it is to properly clean their teeth and wear their retainer on a daily basis after their treatment ends.

It’s also important to keep in mind that your teeth may be a bit sore during the first day or two after your removal appointment, so be a little careful about what you eat.

But don’t forget to celebrate your hard-earned, beautiful smile that you’ll now have for the rest of your life!


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