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Why Does Braces Treatment Take So Long?

A lot of people ask us how long their braces treatment will take to complete, so here’s why orthodontic treatment can sometimes take a long time!

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These days we’ve all become accustomed to obtaining information and talking to one another in an instant, so it makes sense why the typical length of braces treatment can seem like a very long time.

The good news is that the JK Orthodontics team is here to help you or your child better understand why orthodontic treatment can take so long, which will help you better know why it’s always worth the wait!


Why Does Braces Treatment Take So Long To Complete?


Although there have been numerous advances throughout the orthodontic industry in recent years that have significantly reduced treatment times, there is no such thing as instant results. Your braces are going to directly coincide with your natural biological processes to align your jaw and straighten your teeth, so most treatment times will largely depend upon the overall severity of an individual’s case and how someone’s body responds to their braces.

In the end, braces treatment truly is a tiny blip in time that’s always worth the amazing smile you’ll be left with for the rest of your life! Below we’ll be going over the following:


  • How exactly do braces work?


  • How long does braces treatment take to complete?


  • Why does braces treatment take so long?


  • The keys to efficiently completing your braces treatment


How Exactly Do Braces Work?


When trying to understand treatment time, the first things you should know are the basics associated with how braces function. Although there are a few different types of braces, they’ll all have brackets that are semi-permanently bonded to your teeth and archwires that run through each bracket.

After Dr. Karpac has thoroughly assessed your smile during your initial consultation, he’ll then develop a completely customized treatment plan. Your treatment plan will provide the details about where and when your teeth will shift within your mouth. What happens is you’ll get wires placed into your brackets, and these wires will put the necessary amount of pressure on your teeth to slowly but surely guide them towards the correct positioning.

There are also many instances in which we’ll utilize rubber bands to help you align your jaw while correcting your smile. The combination of your braces and rubber bands will go a very long way in efficiently correcting your bite while the teeth straightening process is ongoing.


How Long Does Braces Treatment Take To Complete?


Every patient is undoubtedly going to be unique in terms of their treatment time, but in general braces patients can expect their treatment to last anywhere between 12-30 months.

Short-term braces treatment typically entails mild malocclusions and orthodontic problems, including things like gaps between teeth and slight crowding. If you have any issues related to your jaw, including overbites and underbites, treatment will generally take a little bit longer. This is mainly because we’ll be simultaneously straightening your teeth while also ensuring that your upper and lower teeth meet together to form a healthy bite for your long-term future.


Why Does Braces Treatment Take So Long?


This truly is the million dollar question that so many people are interested in, and the answer comes down to basic biology. Your teeth are firmly held within your mouth by periodontal ligaments, your jawbones and gum tissue. Your braces will end up exerting just enough pressure to loosen periodontal ligaments, which then allows your teeth to move in their guided directions. Once your teeth have moved, you’ll then need to allow enough time for your ligaments to re-tighten so your teeth will be secure in their new positions.

It’s likely that you’ll start to see some small changes in the first couple months of your treatment, but the larger changes are occurring below your gums (which takes a lot longer).

It’s also important to know that fast braces treatment might sound great, but it’s really not. Too much applied pressure from braces can actually end up damaging your jaw and teeth. This is why the safest way to conduct braces treatment and support your oral health is to gently apply the needed amount of pressure.


Keys To Efficiently Completing Your Braces Treatment


It’s important for every orthodontic patient and parent to understand that there are certain factors that are simply beyond anyone’s control in terms of treatment length. The good news is that there are many different things a patient can do to shorten their treatment as much as they can.

Keep the following tips in mind to efficiently complete your braces treatment:


  • Maintain great oral hygiene throughout the entirety of your treatment. This includes brushing your teeth 2-3 times each day, including after meals and snacks. You should also floss your teeth on a daily basis as well. Using your interproximal brush on a daily basis is also a good idea, because it’ll help you clean some of the tighter spaces around your brackets. Water flossers are also a useful tool to help you eliminate lingering plaque in a convenient way.


  • Follow Dr. Karpac’s instructions. If you’ve been provided rubber bands, make sure you’re wearing them according to your unique plan. Wearing your rubber bands as you’re instructed will help you get your braces off on time and maybe even earlier, but neglecting your rubber bands can significantly extend your overall treatment time. Neglecting rubber band usage is the most common reason why braces patients must extend their treatment!


  • Keep your braces safe. This means avoiding sticky, chewy or hard foods, and always wearing a proper mouthguard while playing sports. If you damage your braces and need repairs, it can potentially lengthen your treatment time.


  • Don’t skip appointments. Dr. Karpac will provide you with necessary adjustments during your regular checkups that will keep your teeth moving at the correct pace!


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