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Are Braces A Good Treatment Option For Children Who Grind Their Teeth?

Teeth grinding is a troubling dental health issue, but braces can be a helpful treatment option to combat grinding!

teeth with braces


A lot of people aren’t aware that they grind their teeth, particularly while they’re sleeping. Teeth grinding is a very common dental issue among children and even grown adults, and it’s medically referred to as bruxism. Although many children will outgrow their grinding habits as they age, some don’t, and this can lead to a need for orthodontic treatment.

All sorts of problems can arise when bruxism is neglected or left untreated for long periods of time. One common example is someone loosening or fracturing their teeth due to consistent grinding. Teeth grinding is also known to increase tooth sensitivity and significantly weaken teeth, which can end up creating chewing and eating pains. And when teeth grinding goes on for a long time, it can even lead to non-dental ailments like TMJ disorder, chronic headaches, and face tightness.

All of us at JK Orthodontics want to help our patients as much as possible, and we’ve supported countless children who suffer from teeth grinding. Our advice for parents is to reach out to us as soon as you notice your child’s teeth grinding habits, because preventative care is absolutely critical for treating these types of issues.

Below, we’ll be diving into how braces are a good option for children who grind their teeth!


What Exactly Causes Teeth Grinding?


When a child is consistently grinding their teeth, it’s often a red flag warning sign of other underlying issues like teeth misalignment. This is why children with severely crooked or missing teeth are generally more likely to grind them.

Teeth grinding is also sometimes linked to mouth and ear infections as well. In these scenarios, children will subconsciously grind their teeth as a coping mechanism for the pain they’re experiencing. Children with jaw disorders are also more prone to grinding their teeth.

But it’s also important to note that the root cause of teeth grinding isn’t always easily discernable. Many children will grind their teeth while sleeping, and it’s often difficult to pinpoint why this is the case.


Are Braces A Good Treatment Option To Help Children Correct Their Teeth Grinding?


The main purpose of braces is to help patients realign their teeth, and many children will lose their urge to grind their teeth once their teeth are correctly aligned. So no matter what type of braces a patient receives, the aim of the orthodontic treatment will be to slowly but surely exert the amount of pressure that’s needed to cause the patient’s teeth to shift into their proper positioning.

It’s also important for parents to remember how their child’s teeth grinding could potentially get worse during the first couple of treatment weeks, but that it’s also normal for teeth grinding to get worse before it ultimately gets better. Once the braces start to correct the child’s misalignment, there will more than likely be a significant reduction in grinding.


Is Line-M-Up™ A Good Option For Patients Who Grind Their Teeth?


Orthodontic patients at JK Orthodontics will have several treatment options to choose from, including traditional metal braces, clear braces, and our very own invisible aligner technology called Line-M-Up™.

Many of our patients love how Line-M-Up™ provides them with the freedom to eat whatever food they want and obtain fast results without the hassles of traditional braces, but invisible aligners aren’t always the best option for patients who suffer from bruxism.

When you visit one of our offices to meet Dr. Karpac during your initial consultation appointment, we’ll let you know which treatment option is best to support your child’s teeth grinding. We’ll also need to learn more about what’s causing the teeth grinding because this could impact which treatment option will be recommended.


Reach Out To JK Orthodontics To Get Support For Your Child’s Teeth Grinding!


If you’re noticing that your child is grinding their teeth while sleeping, or is experiencing mouth pains associated with bruxism, then you’re going to need the support of an orthodontist to address your child’s misalignment.

JK Orthodontics offers free consultation appointments that can help both parents and children better understand their teeth grinding and how they can go about alleviating these often painful symptoms.

Reach out to us online or give us a call at 614-766-0330 (Dublin office) or 614-471-6355 (Gahanna office) to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Karpac today!