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Ortho Tips

metal braces are a popular orthodontic treatment option at JK Orthodontics

Are Braces & Swollen Gums Related?

It’s possible for braces patients to experience swollen gums during the initial stages of their treatment process, so here’s what you should do!   It’s…
Line-M-Up and braces are common orthodontic treatments at JK Orthodontics

Answering Common Questions About Line-M-Up™

It’s perfectly normal to have questions about our trademarked invisible aligner technology called Line-M-Up™, so here are some of our answers!   A lot of…
JK Orthodontics utilizes removable retainers after orthodontic treatment has concluded.

Tips To Remind You About Your Retainer!

Wearing your retainer on a nightly basis sounds simple, but it’s often a lot easier said than done!   It’s that time of year again…
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