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The Best (And Worst) Drinks For Your Teeth During Orthodontic Treatment!

There are certain drinks that simply should be avoided during orthodontic treatment!

orthodontic treatment is necessary for many children, and JK Orthodontics helps parents better realize the common warning signs


It’s no secret that orthodontic patients have to take particularly good care of their teeth and overall oral health, but this can sometimes be more difficult when you consider all of the extra upkeep that comes with orthodontic treatment appliances like Line-M-Up™ and braces.

One thing that orthodontic patients have to pay attention to is which beverages they drink, because there are plenty of popular drinks that are flat-out terrible for your teeth. Many drinks will cause yellowing, tooth stains, cavities, and prolonged treatment timelines.

So, here’s everything you need to know about the best (and worst) drinks for your teeth during orthodontic treatment!


Which Drinks Are Bad For Your Teeth?


One of the first and foremost steps toward a successful orthodontic treatment journey and a beautiful smile is maintaining a great oral hygiene routine.

Although brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice per day does go a long way to ensure proper oral health, you’ll also need to be careful about which beverages you choose to drink while wearing invisible aligners or braces.

Below are some of the very worst drinks when it comes to taking care of your teeth during your treatment:




Soda of all types is likely the very worst beverage for your teeth, and this includes both diet and regular sodas.

Sodas are very high in acidic additives and sugar, which help create detrimental oral environments that support bacteria development. The more soda you drink, the more bacteria will decay your teeth.




Wine is a troublesome beverage for adult orthodontic patients, because it’s known for creating tooth stains that can detrimentally impact teeth. This is especially an issue for adult Line-M-Up™ patients, because many people will forget to brush their teeth after drinking a glass of wine—and then will put their aligners back in when the wine sugars are still active.

All wine is extremely acidic, which is never good for your teeth. Acid erosion is a very common issue for wine drinkers, and this alcoholic beverage is known for lowering the pH level of an individual’s entire mouth!


Coffee or Black Tea


Over half of all Americans drink coffee on a daily basis, which means that everyone is essentially familiar with the tooth discoloration and stains associated with coffee. It’s also important to understand that black tea has the exact same capability, and this is partly because both beverages have the same pH level. They’re both incredibly acidic, which means they’ll easily erode an orthodontic patient’s teeth.

That’s why orthodontic patients should, at the very least, limit their consumption of tea and coffee during their treatment!


Fruit Juices


Many fruit juices are very high in sugar, which can potentially be disastrous for your teeth. Sugar is known for creating a very harmful type of bacteria in your mouth, because this sugary bacteria will get trapped within food particles, will stick to your teeth, and will attract more bacteria.

If you’re going to drink a fruit juice during your orthodontic treatment, be sure that it’s 100% juice. You should also try to limit your fruit juice consumption to no more than about six ounces per day.

Energy Drinks


We all know how there are tons of energy drink enthusiasts out there, and a lot of these people don’t quite understand just how risky these drinks are for their oral health. Energy drinks are pretty much just as bad as sodas when it comes to acidity and high sugar content, and energy drinks tend to be incredibly acidic.

This extreme acidity is so bad that it can actually break down an individual’s enamel and create tooth sensitivity—as well as cavities.


Which Drinks Are Good For Your Teeth?


Now that you know which drinks should be avoided during your orthodontic treatment, we’ll now help you focus your attention on beverages that are actually good for your oral health.

So, here are some drinks that you should consider during your orthodontic treatment journey:




Milk is great for an orthodontic patient’s gums and teeth, and this is because milk contains a ton of calcium and other vitamins that are great for enamel. This means that milk can help patients reduce the likelihood of cavities, and it can help reduce tooth sensitivity.




Water isn’t just great for your hydration, because it also rinses out food particles and reduces the harmful effects of acidic drinks. Municipal water often contains fluoride as well, which can help provide essential minerals to your enamel.

Mineral water is also a good option for orthodontic patients, because it offers many oral health benefits.


Green Tea


Green tea is the go-to caffeinated beverage for orthodontic patients, because it’s actually very good for your oral health!

Green tea includes the following features that are beneficial for patients:


  • Antioxidants that help fight harmful bacteria
  • Essential nutrients that support gum health
  • Helps with bad breath
  • Reduces likelihood of oral cancer and other health issues


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