Full Care Orthodontics

No matter which treatment option you choose, you will receive “Full Care Orthodontics.” What is Full Care Orthodontics?

  • It is the orthodontics that I would do if you were my wife, sister, father, or son.
  • It's the best technology available.
  • It is the what it takes to correct your teeth and keep them healthy for a lifetime.
  • It is the money invested now instead of more money spent later.
  • It is esthetically beautiful, and natural looking.
  • It is determined by what is best for the patient, not by what an insurance company will pay.
  • It is the best materials and lab in the industry.
  • It is caring enough to tell the truth.
  • It is understood, valued, and desired by the patient before orthodontics is started.

That is what Full Care Orthodontics is, and that is what we are providing for our patients.

We Provide

Clear Braces

Brackets can be made from clear materials that help to 'hide' the braces.

Gold Brackets

Exotic metals like Gold can be used. Think of these types of braces like jewelry.

Rapid Palatal Expander

Sometimes a dental arch or palate is too narrow. This causes teeth to become 'crowded' and results in mis-aligned teeth and an unhealthy bite. A Rapid Palatal Expander appliance is used to spread or expand the arch or palate. This can be accomplished simply and quickly and with a minimum of discomfort.

Metal Braces

Modern braces are smaller and more comfortable than an older generation of braces. They are designed to be less irritating to your lips and have special contours to allow your orthodontic treatment to progress quickly and with little discomfort..