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Tips To Manage Your Dental Hygiene During Braces Treatment!

It’s normal for patients to struggle with their dental hygiene during braces treatment, so here are some tips to help you or your child!

it's important to carry certain orthodontic items with you while you're on the go!


If you or your child is struggling with dental hygiene during braces treatment, then you should know that Dr. Karpac and the entire JK Orthodontics team has you covered.

Oral health is crucial for ensuring the long-term results of your braces journey, and there are many little details that patients need to keep in mind on a daily basis. Below we’ll be delving deeper into some effective strategies that can help make dental hygiene challenges more manageable while wearing braces!


Necessity of Oral Hygiene Maintenance


It’s always important to maintain your oral hygiene, but it’s particularly important during braces treatment. Maintaining the health of your gums and teeth undoubtedly has a ripple effect on your overall health, and braces are known for accumulating plaque and food particles in a way that makes everyday cleaning a little more difficult.

Proper oral hygiene maintenance also reduces the risks of issues like gum disease, cavities, and many other oral health issues. On the other hand, neglecting your oral health can lead to many adverse consequences. One example would be plaque buildup around braces wires and brackets leading to bacterial growth and subsequent tooth decay!


Choosing The Right Brushing Tools


It’s also crucial for braces patients to choose the right brushing and upkeep tools. Soft-bristled brushes are typically recommended for braces patients because they’re great at cleaning between and around brackets.

Interdental brushes are also highly effective for cleaning around wires, and they help braces patients guarantee that they’re not leaving any food particles behind. Fluoride toothpaste is also important for protecting your tooth enamel from potential decay throughout your treatment process.

The timing and frequency of your brushing and flossing is another huge factor to keep in mind, and it’s important for braces patients to remember that they should be brushing after every meal and snack on a daily basis. Brushing this frequently does a great job of preventing food particle buildup and the chances of food getting stuck around your brackets and wires.


Selecting Floss While Wearing Braces


Braces patients also have to pay very close attention to the type of floss that they use throughout their treatment journeys.

Waxed floss is a good option that easily slides between teeth and braces, and it’s a good option because it’s much less likely to shred or get stuck. Superfloss is another solid option to consider, which features a stiff end that’s useful while threading underneath wires and cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

Water flossers have also become incredibly popular among braces patients in recent years, and this technique is known for its overall convenience and effectiveness.


Foods to Avoid While Wearing Braces


Braces require certain dietary restrictions, which help patients maintain their dental hygiene and prevent application damage. The main thing that braces patients need to avoid is hard or sticky foods, because these items can lead to potential emergencies and discomfort. Sugary snacks should also generally be avoided, which is partly due to the increased likelihood of incurring cavities during treatment.

Acidic foods like vinegar-based dressings and citrus fruits can also erode a braces patient’s enamel, which might lead to slight discoloration over prolonged periods. Braces patients should also avoid chewy candies like taffy and caramels, which are known for getting stuck within wires and brackets. Popcorn and nuts are other popular options that are known for getting stuck in braces as well.


Professional Guidance From Dr. Karpac


It’s incredibly important for patients and parents to see Dr. Karpac for regular checkups and tightening appointments throughout braces treatment, and our team’s guidance will ultimately go a long way to assist you in maintaining your oral hygiene while also addressing any ongoing concerns that you may have.

Seeking and following professional advice from the likes of esteemed specialists like Dr. Karpac will always point you in the right direction toward preventing significant issues like gum disease and tooth decay. We’ll also make sure that you’re learning the details about specific cleaning tools and techniques that’ll ensure your health during your treatment.


Recommended Oral Health Products For Braces Patients


There are many different products that braces patients need to use during their treatment journey, including:


  • Orthodontic wax: This wax is very useful when braces patients need help relieving irritation that’s caused by braces. This wax helps to prevent discomfort and sores by creating a protective barrier between your gums and your brackets.


  • Antimicrobial mouthwash: This mouthwash helps to reduce plaque buildup and control bacteria growth around your braces. It also strengthens your enamel and reduces your risk of tooth decay.


  • Interdental brushes: These useful tools are great for reaching tight spaces between your brackets that conventional toothbrushes can’t effectively access. They do a wonderful job at removing food particles and plaque that build up around rubber bands and wires, and they should be used on a daily basis as part of a braces patient’s oral hygiene routine.


  • Travel Kit: Travel kits are essential for every orthodontic patient’s dental hygiene, and they should include toothpaste, a travel-sized toothbrush, interdental brushes, floss, and orthodontic wax. These kits keep patients prepared for any and all issues that may come up during the course of each day.


Reach Out To JK Orthodontics To Learn More Dental Hygiene Tips For Braces Patients!


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