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Three Reasons Why Tongue Scrapers Are Crucial For Braces And Line-M-Up™ Patients!

Everyone should use tongue scrapers when they brush their teeth, but these tools are even more important for braces and Line-M-Up™ patients!

it's important to carry certain orthodontic items with you while you're on the go!


It’s likely that your oral hygiene routine includes brushing and flossing your teeth, but how exactly are you cleaning your tongue on a daily basis?

The truth is that tongue scrapers are important for everyone’s oral health, but they’re particularly important for braces and Line-M-Up™ patients. All of us at JK Orthodontics are firm believers in the daily usage of tongue scrapers, and below we’ll be detailing why these tools are so important for your treatment journey!


Good Bacteria vs. Bad Bacteria


It’s perfectly normal for bacteria to grow and even thrive within our mouths, because each of us has billions of bacteria molecules in our mouths at any given time—and these billions of bacteria reproduce several times per day! That’s why brushing your teeth at least twice a day is so important, because those billions of bacteria can quickly turn into hundreds of billions of bacteria

But it’s not all bad, because a lot of these oral bacteria are actually pretty helpful when it comes to defending your gums and teeth, aiding the digestive process, and helping with your breath. The oral microbiome truly is fascinating, and about 700 different bacterial species live in our mouths.

However, we all know how there are plenty of bad bacteria that are incredibly detrimental to oral health as well. These bad bacteria are known for creating cavities, bad breath, gum disease, and even other diseases throughout the body like heart disease. That’s why it’s absolutely critical for everyone to minimize their bad bacteria as much as possible, and this can sometimes be more difficult for orthodontic patients who have trouble thoroughly cleaning on a daily basis.

And as much as brushing and flossing can help, we simply can’t forget about cleaning our tongues!


Three Crucial Reasons Why Tongue Scraping Is Important For Orthodontic Patients


Every orthodontic patient needs to take their oral health very seriously, and this means regular tongue cleaning after every brushing session. Below are three important reasons why you should use a tongue scraper during your orthodontic treatment journey:


1. Thoroughly Cleaning Your Tongue Removes Harmful Bacteria


Bacteria thrive within the crevices and taste buds of the tongue, and thoroughly cleaning your tongue on a daily will remove any additional bacteria that could be left behind after brushing.

A National Library of Medicine study found that tongue scrapers help reduce bacteria levels by 75%, as compared to 45% by only using a toothbrush! This extra 30% is significant, and combining both tools ultimately provides your mouth with a comprehensive cleaning.


2. Tongue Cleaning Does Wonders For Your Digestion


The digestive process always begins in the mouth, and this process gets catalyzed by the enzymes found in our saliva that help us break down each bite and ease food toward our stomach and intestines.

Regular tongue cleaning in the morning is a great way to help you activate these digestive enzymes, which in turn promotes healthier digestion. This subsequently creates a positive ripple effect on an orthodontic patient’s life, because you’ll reduce the likelihood of stomach aches, get more energy, and maintain a healthy weight.


3. Tongue Cleaning Boosts Beautiful Orthodontic Results


If you have Line-M-Up™ or braces, then you know just how crucial your oral health routine is in terms of the overall progress of your treatment. You’ve likely seen food get annoyingly trapped within wires and brackets, and you know how difficult it can be to really get a good clean with each brushing session.

Orthodontic patients simply have to focus on maintaining a clean smile more than other people, and tongue cleaning is a huge factor in terms of ensuring great oral hygiene and reducing the overall amount of bacteria in your mouth.


Contact The JK Orthodontics Team To Learn More About Properly Using Tongue Scrapers During Your Orthodontic Treatment!


JK Orthodontics has helped countless patients throughout the Columbus metro area, and we’re here to make sure that all of our patients adopt great oral hygiene routines that they can take with them long after their treatment is over.

Contact us online or give us a call at 614-766-0330 (Dublin office) or 614-471-6355 (Gahanna office) to speak with our team today about the benefits of tongue scrapers for both braces and Line-M-Up™ patients!