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Why Do Braces Need To Be Adjusted?

Every braces patient needs to have adjustment appointments with Dr. Karpac, and here’s why!

braces and adjustment appointments


A lot of braces patients wonder why adjustment appointments are so important during their treatment process, because after all, aren’t braces supposed to be what makes your teeth automatically straight?

Well, the truth is that all braces need to be adjusted on a regular basis to make sure they’re as effective as possible throughout the entire course of treatment, and adjustment appointments help patients stay on track toward their new, beautiful smiles.

Below we’ll be exploring why braces need to be adjusted, and what orthodontic patients can expect from adjustment appointments!


So Why Exactly Do Patients Need Adjustments?


It’s important to remember that your teeth are never completely static, which means they’ll shift as a response to certain pressures. Braces are meant to provide orthodontic patients with a very gentle pressure on their teeth, which then helps them slowly but surely move into the correct positions.

So orthodontists have to consistently adjust a patient’s braces to make sure the right amount of pressure is being applied, and to make sure that the patient’s teeth are shifting correctly.

And as we all know, brackets and wires can often get damaged or loosened during treatment. Adjustment appointments allow Dr. Karpac to tighten up or replace these components, which then keeps your braces functioning as they’re supposed to.


What Happens During Braces Adjustment Appointments?


When you come in for your adjustment appointments, Dr. Karpac will closely examine your teeth and braces to see precisely what changes need to be made. These appointments can also include x-rays and other digital imaging to help us better examine how your teeth are shifting underneath your gums.

Once we’ve determined your treatment’s overall progress, Dr. Karpac will then make any necessary adjustments to your braces. This can include replacing brackets, tightening/loosening wires, or any other needed changes to your orthodontic appliance.

Although it’s common for patients to experience slight discomfort after their adjustment appointments, it’s important to remember that this discomfort will only last for a few hours.


How Often Do Braces Need To Be Adjusted?


The overall frequency of your adjustment appointments will depend upon your unique treatment plan, but most patients need adjustments about every 4-8 weeks.

But every orthodontic case is different, and Dr. Karpac will help you determine the adjustment schedule that works best for you. This appointment frequency will also be based upon how slowly or quickly your teeth are shifting.


What Happens To Braces Patients Who Don’t Get Adjustments?


If a braces patient doesn’t receive regular adjustments, their entire treatment process will take a lot longer to finalize. It’s also possible that the entire treatment won’t be as effective without adjustment appointments. And when braces components get broken or damaged and aren’t properly fixed, it can potentially lead to other dental issues.

So it’s absolutely critical to follow Dr. Karpac’s recommendations when it comes to your scheduled adjustment appointments, because we always have your best possible outcome in mind while we’re developing your unique treatment plan!


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