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Debunking Common Myths About Braces & Wisdom Teeth

A lot of parents ask us about how wisdom teeth impact braces patients, and these concerns tend to include a ton of misinformation!



There are plenty of myths and misconceptions about wisdom teeth, which are the third molars at the very back of the mouth that have been deemed unnecessary in order to improve dietary changes and dental health.

A lot of parents and braces patients get confused about how wisdom teeth might impact orthodontic treatment, and contrary to popular belief, not everyone needs to get their wisdom teeth removed—even when orthodontic treatment is necessary.

Below we’ll be debunking some of the most common myths oriented around braces and wisdom teeth that you should know about!


Myth: Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Extracted Prior To Braces Treatment


FACT: Orthodontists will thoroughly evaluate a patient’s wisdom teeth before the treatment process begins, and removal will generally only be recommended when there isn’t quite enough space for them to properly erupt.

However, if there’s enough room, most orthodontists will likely suggest close monitoring throughout treatment. Common reasons to remove wisdom teeth include tooth decay, infections, repeated gum infections, and pain caused by wisdom teeth.

So although it’s always best to eventually have your wisdom teeth removed, it doesn’t necessarily have to be done before you begin your braces treatment!


Myth: It’s Time To Panic When Wisdom Teeth Erupt After Braces Treatment


FACT: A lot of people are very cautious of their teeth after their treatment process has completed, but there’s no need to panic when your wisdom teeth erupt after your braces treatment. Although you’ll want to do a checkup appointment with your orthodontist, it’s likely that your retainer usage will counteract the pressure exerted by wisdom teeth.

A lot of younger patients experience this type of situation because their wisdom teeth end up erupting long after they’ve straightened their smiles, but this is absolutely nothing to be worried about!


Myth: Braces Aren’t An Option For Impacted Wisdom Teeth


FACT: Braces are incredibly effective toward treating impacted teeth, but results sometimes vary on a case-by-case basis. There are scenarios in which orthodontists can use braces to reposition an impacted tooth or create more space; however, limited spacing can make this situation challenging when the patient is dealing with impacted wisdom teeth.

As mentioned above, wisdom teeth are typically removed before braces treatment when there isn’t enough space for them to erupt, but braces can still help to reposition adjacent teeth that are being affected by the impacted wisdom teeth. Braces treatment can also help people to restore their proper alignment, and reduce risks connected to exposed tooth roots.


Myth: There’s No Need To Worry About Your Wisdom Teeth After Braces Treatment


FACT: Wisdom teeth generally emerge between the ages of 17-25, which is often after a teen patient’s treatment timeline. It’s a common misconception for people to assume that their braces treatment will create enough space for their wisdom teeth eruptions, and most people don’t have enough jaw length to properly accommodate these unique teeth.

Wisdom teeth progress is one reason why patients should continue seeing their orthodontist for checkup appointments after their treatment is over, because wisdom teeth eruptions can often create overcrowding that could compromise your treatment’s results.

But by simply remaining vigilant about you or your child’s wisdom teeth, you’ll be doing your part to preserve your hard-earned smile!


Myth: Wisdom Teeth Shouldn’t Be Extracted During Braces Treatment


FACT: It’s definitely possible to remove wisdom teeth during braces treatment, and these types of extractions will be carefully coordinated with your dentist or oral surgeon.

There are individual circumstances that may dictate the timing of when treatment and wisdom teeth extraction should be done, but there’s nothing to be worried about if the time comes and you get your wisdom teeth taken out while you’re wearing braces.


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