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Why Do Teeth Sometimes Feel Loose During Orthodontic Treatment?

It’s normal to feel slightly loose teeth during your orthodontic treatment, and here’s why!

retainers are an important part of orthodontic treatment, and it's common for orthodontic patients to need a retainer replacement


If you’re just beginning your orthodontic treatment journey, it’s possible that you might feel as though your teeth are slightly looser than normal. But be assured, this is a normal sensation to experience at the beginning of your treatment because it tangibly proves that your teeth are shifting correctly.

All of us at JK Orthodontics want you to feel confident while wearing your braces or Line-M-Up™, so below we’ll be discussing how your teeth may feel during treatment and what it technically means!


How Exactly Do Braces & Line-M-Up™ Straighten A Patient’s Teeth?


In order to fully understand why your teeth may feel a little loose while wearing Line-M-Up™ or braces, we’ll have to delve into how orthodontic appliances work. There’s actually a science behind this type of teeth shifting, and this process is often referred to as bone remodeling.

The first thing to remember is that your teeth have periodontal ligaments that attach to your jawbone, and your orthodontic appliance is essentially going to compress and stretch these ligaments in order to cause your teeth to shift into their correct positions. There are cells called osteoclasts that break down dental bones during compression, and other cells called osteoblasts that build dental bones during stretching. These cells will form around your teeth throughout your treatment process as they’re secured into their new positions.

We all know how the bone remodeling associated with orthodontic treatment takes a considerable amount of time, and this gradual process is why patients will sometimes feel like their teeth are looser than normal. Once your teeth have finalized their shifting, your periodontal ligaments will securely tighten themselves back up and fully secure your teeth into their proper position—with the help of your retainer usage!

So, it’s important for patients to remember how Line-M-Up™ and braces technically rely upon a natural bone remodeling process. What differentiates orthodontic treatment from other types of natural bone remodeling is that this type of bone remodeling is guided by an expert orthodontist like Dr. Karpac, who designs your treatment plan in a way that safely initiates the building up and breaking down of your dental bone material.


Your Retainer Is What Secures Your New Smile


Once your orthodontic treatment has finished its job and you’ve achieved your new smile, it’ll be time for you to start wearing your retainer. It’s incredibly important to remember how essential your retainer usage is as the final stage of your orthodontic treatment process.

At JK Orthodontics, we ensure that every patient receives a fully-customized retainer. It’s generally recommended for a patient to wear their retainer every night while sleeping, and this will allow your teeth and periodontal ligaments to fully adapt to their new positions.

And just remember that if you don’t wear your retainer, your teeth will begin to shift back to where they first started at the beginning your treatment. So, being diligent about wearing retainers is how you’ll ultimately preserve the investment and hard work that goes into a successful treatment journey!


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