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Can Athletes Still Play Sports When Wearing Braces?

Many young athletes have concerns when they’re first beginning their braces treatment, so here’s what you need to know if you play sports!

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Many parents of athletes and young patients themselves have common concerns when initiating braces treatment, and these concerns generally revolve around potential restrictions when it comes to playing sports.

Although mouth injuries are of course possible for athletes wearing braces, there are several ways to do your own part in preventing these types of injuries. There are also alternative treatment options that JK Orthodontics specializes within like invisible aligners that require fewer precautions.

But when it comes down to it, life with brace should never hold an athlete back from participating in their favorite sports! Below we’ll be going over everything that athletes with braces need to keep in mind:


Can Athletes Still Play Sports While Wearing Braces?


The short and sweet answer is yes, you most certainly can still play sports while undergoing braces treatment.

However, it’s still important to remember that braces patients will be at an increased risk of mouth injuries when they collide with other players or experience a significant blow to their mouth. These types of injuries are generally not too serious, but they can potentially be painful for patients until Dr. Karpac can fully repair the damages.

This is why it’s ALWAYS recommended for athletes with braces to wear a customized mouthguard while playing sports, and this includes during practices and other training sessions.


Should Athletes With Braces Wear An Orthodontic Mouthguard While Playing Sports?


Like we mentioned above, it’s absolutely critical for athletes with braces to take simple precautions to protect their mouths from injuries and all sorts of impacts. The most crucial step an athlete can take to protect themselves and their braces is to wear the correct type of mouthguard on a daily basis.

Dr. Karpac has supported many athletes when it comes to developing an orthodontic mouthguard that goes a very long way towards reducing injury risks. Orthodontic mouthguards are also well-known to be more protective for braces patients as compared to standard mouthguards. This is largely because orthodontic mouthguards fit more snugly over brackets and wires due to the increased amount of width that’s needed to protect a patient’s teeth, gums and braces all at the same time.


Are There Other Sports-Friendly Orthodontic Alternatives To Braces Treatment?


If you or your child thinks traditional braces may not be the best option, then that’s perfectly fine! What’s great about partnering up with JK Orthodontics for your treatment is that we offer several treatment options to match a patient’s lifestyle.

The most popular alternative to traditional braces that we offer is our trademarked invisible aligner technology called Line-M-Up™. A lot of athletes love Line-M-Up™ because the aligner trays themselves are very similar to mouthguards, but of course Line-M-Up™ patients should also wear high-quality mouthguards just like braces patients.

But because Line-M-Up™ doesn’t entail any metal components like wires or brackets, there’s a far less likelihood of serious cuts and abrasions when an athlete experiences a blow to the mouth.


JK Orthodontics Is Here To Help Athlete’s Prepare For Playing Sports While Wearing Braces


JK Orthodontics has supported countless athletes throughout the Columbus Metro Area when it comes to obtaining orthodontic treatment via braces or Line-M-Up™, and we’ll always be prepared to help athletic braces patients with customized orthodontic mouthguards and safety tips to ensure that they can play hard with no worries.

Contact us online or call us at 614-766-0330 (Dublin office) or 614-471-6355 (Gahanna office) to learn more about how we support braces patients that play sports!