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Common Questions Parents Have About Line-M-Up™ For Teenagers

All of us at JK Orthodontics understand how parents have many questions about our state-of-the-art Line-M-Up™ invisible aligner system!

adult orthodontic treatment is very popular these days, and James Karpac Orthodontics is helping many adults with their treatment


Invisible aligner systems have only continued to grow in popularity in recent years, and JK Ortho’s own Line-M-Up™ system has continued to exceed its counterparts as a more effective invisible aligner option.

We understand how many parents throughout the Columbus Metro Area love the idea that their teenager won’t have to worry about the insecurity and potential discomfort associated with traditional metal braces, but that you also still have many questions about whether or not invisible aligners are right for your child.

Below we’ll be delving deeper into answering some of the more common questions we get from parents that are interested in investing in Line-M-Up™ for their teenagers, and as always feel free to contact us online to get in touch with our team and let us know what other concerns you have about initiating an invisible aligner orthodontic treatment for your kids!


How Does Line-M-Up™ Work?


Invisible aligner orthodontic treatments like Line-M-Up™ will shift your teenager’s smile into the correct positioning in essentially the exact same way that traditional braces function, and this is through applying the necessary amount of pressure on teeth to gradually put them into a healthy alignment.

However, your teenager won’t necessarily be coming into our offices as frequently as they would for wire tightening appointments with metal braces. During Line-M-Up™ treatment procedures, patients go through 2-3 week stages of aligner trays that are specifically designed to accommodate treatment shifts and continuously maintain the pressure that’s needed to obtain efficient results.

So each subsequent set of aligner trays will carry on the movement of a patient’s teeth until the completion of the treatment process.


Does Line-M-Up™ Cost More Than Traditional Braces?


Invisible aligner systems like Line-M-Up™ have now been a part of the orthodontic industry for a number of years, and throughout this time the overall cost of this revolutionary treatment has decreased enough to the point that it’s relatively the same price as traditional metal braces.

Many different insurance plans will cover the costs of Line-M-Up™ treatment, so this is a huge bonus when it comes to lowering your overall out-of-pocket costs for this type of orthodontic treatment for you or your teenager!


What Foods Can My Teenager Eat, And What Food Should They Avoid While Wearing Line-M-Up™ Trays?


A lot of parents are very surprised when they find out just how little dietary restrictions there are on Line-M-Up™ patients, and this is mainly because your teenager will simply remove their aligners when it’s time to eat or drink something. This is particularly important when the patient is eating or drinking anything hot.

Too much heat can actually be rather detrimental on the aligner material and can even lead to warping, which can essentially make them ineffective and prolong the treatment process. That’s why it’s always critical to make sure that your teen takes their aligners out when they drink any coffee, tea, hot water or any other hot beverages.

Patients that wear traditional metal braces will have many more dietary restrictions as compared to Line-M-Up™ patients, and this is another major reason why our invisible aligner option is becoming increasingly popular amongst teenagers!


Exactly How Long Do Line-M-Up™ Trays Need To Be Worn On A Daily Basis?


This is a really important question that’s crucial for both parents and teenage patients to understand, because the only way that Line-M-Up™ will be as effective as traditional metal braces is if the patient wears their aligners for at least 22 hours each day.

This essentially means that teenage patients will need to keep track of their aligner usage and pretty much only take them out when they’re eating, drinking and conducting oral health hygiene routines.

Neglecting the 22-hour-per-day rule with Line-M-Up™ will unnecessarily prolong the treatment process, which is never a good thing when you consider how efficient this type of orthodontic treatment is intended to be.


Is There Any Kind Of Difference Between Line-M-Up™ Treatments For Teenagers And Adults?


There are essentially no differences with Line-M-Up™ treatments amongst teenagers and adults, except sometimes parents will choose to get more aligner tray sets for their teen in order to ensure that the teenager is wearing their trays and can more easily replace any lost aligners if necessary.

But many parents will get Line-M-Up™ for their teenager and then realize that their orthodontic treatment from many years ago could use some adjusting and choose to get Line-M-Up™ for themselves too!


Reach Out To The JK Orthodontics Team To Learn More About Our Line-M-Up™ Treatment For Your Teenager!


JK Orthodontics has supported countless teenagers when it comes to Line-M-Up™ treatment, and we’ll always be there for parents when it comes to answering any questions/concerns they have while you’re beginning the process and meeting our team during your initial consultation.

Reach out to us online or call us at 614-766-0330 (Dublin office) or 614-471-6355 (Gahanna office) to get in touch with our team and let us know how we can support your teen in developing a beautiful smile through our innovative Line-M-Up™ invisible aligner technology!