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How Often Do I Need Checkup Appointments During Orthodontic Treatment?

One of the most important parts of getting high-quality orthodontic treatment is having Dr. Karpac and our team regularly checking up on you to ensure everything is going smoothly!

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Everyone’s most important resource is time, so it’s understandable when parents and patients are curious about how often they’ll need to plan for checkup appointments when they initiate orthodontic treatment.

What’s great about working with a highly-reputable orthodontist like Dr. Karpac is that you’ll get his guidance and adjustments on a consistent basis, and this ultimately allows your overall treatment process to be as efficient as possible.

Knowing how many checkup appointments you’ll need during the course of your treatment will largely depend upon the treatment option you choose, so here’s a comprehensive overview of what you can expect as you go through treatment at JK Orthodontics!


Why Are Follow-Up Appointments Necessary?


In the past, orthodontic patients didn’t think twice about the overall necessity to visit their orthodontist for regular checkups and adjustments; however, in recent years there have been many mail-order invisible aligner businesses that have emerged with the unjustifiable promise that they can complete an individual’s orthodontic treatment completely remotely.

We understand how this type of convenience may seem appealing to parents and orthodontic patients, but it’s important to realize that going this route is incredibly risky for the overall well-being of patients and their treatment results. Mail-order aligners completely negate the essential need for personal attention by a professional orthodontist, and you’ll also skip the necessary steps of getting x-rays and 3D images made to ensure that your treatment is remaining on course throughout the entirety of the process.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to get regular checkups from an experienced orthodontist while you’re going through treatment, because this type of consistent, personal attention is necessary to ensure perfect results and avoid negative repercussions within your smile’s aesthetics.

Our staff and Dr. Karpac will also make sure that you’re properly cleaning your teeth throughout your treatment, that you’re protecting the overall integrity of your orthodontic appliances, and that your treatment will be completed on time.


Virtual Monitoring And Virtual Appointments


As much as regular checkups are necessary for successful orthodontic treatment, the industry has evolved to make things a bit more convenient for everyone’s busy lives. One way that JK Orthodontics has adjusted is through virtual appointments on our website.

Our virtual appointment widget on our website is a cutting-edge feature. When you use this type of system, it’s possible to complete some checkup appointments remotely. This can be a good option for people who know they’re too busy to make it into the office on a regular basis.

It’s important to note that our virtual appointments aren’t a pass from in-person appointments and inspections, which is one of the reasons why Virtual Monitoring is very different as compared to mail-order braces. This process also initially begins with in-person appointments with your orthodontist as well, so you can be more rest assured that you’ve obtained your proper examinations and 3D scans even if you’re going virtual with some of your checkup appointments.


How Often Are Checkup Appointments Needed For Braces Patients?


Braces patients should plan on coming into the office for checkup appointments about every 6-8 weeks during the initial stages of their treatment process, and then around every 4-6 weeks towards the end of their treatment. These checkups are incredibly important because we’ll be monitoring how your wires and brackets are holding up while your teeth are shifting, and we’ll also make sure that your teeth are shifting at the correct speed. Many of these appointments will include adjustments so that your treatment will move on to the next phase.

At JK Orthodontics, we like to check up on braces patients’ progress through virtual appointments in between in-person appointments. Sending us images of your teeth on a consistent basis will allow us to precisely see how fast your tooth movement is occurring, and how well patients are doing with their flossing/brushing habits.


How Often Are Checkup Appointments Needed For Line-M-Up™ Patients?


For Line-M-Up™, you may need more frequent checkups with the JK Orthodontics team. Every 2-3 weeks may necessitate a checkup, but doing virtual appointments can allow some of these checkups to take place from home.

Line-M-Up™ patients will many times benefit from virtual appointments and will even be able to go on vacation or take a weekend camping trip while still getting treatment advice from our specialists.

Line-M-Up™ patients will be given a complete set of aligner trays that they’ll periodically replace at the proper times, and getting in touch with our team will be important when knowing whether or not it’s time to move on to your next set of aligners.


Reach Out To The JK Orthodontics Team To Learn More About How We’ll Conduct Checkup Appointments During Your Orthodontic Treatment!


JK Orthodontics has been an industry leader throughout the Columbus Metro Area for decades, so we’ve seen countless innovations arise that have made orthodontic treatment much easier. We understand the convenience of virtual appointments when you need checkups, and we also highly value in-person checkups to ensure that you’re getting the very best treatment possible.

Reach out to us online or call us at 614-766-0330 (Dublin office) or 614-471-6355 (Gahanna office) to get in touch with our team and learn more about our checkup appointments today!