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Telltale Signs You May Need Braces

We all know that braces help to realign crooked teeth. But that’s not all that they do! Braces can help to correct a number of oral issues. Braces can address many oral issues, including teeth that are in the wrong place, teeth that are trying to be in the same place as other teeth, and teeth that aren’t even there at all!

Teeth that are crooked or just don’t line up properly. Like we said, this is a common reason someone may suspect that they need braces. Crooked teeth can cause someone to feel self-conscious. Someone may not want to smile or laugh or even talk as much for fear that others will see that their teeth aren’t as straight as they’d like them to be. (See more about the many benefits of smiling in a recent blog post of ours!)

Teeth that are too crowded, or too far spread out. Braces don’t just help teeth straighten. They help their spacing, too. If teeth are too crowded together or spread too far apart, they can wear unevenly, and make cleaning more difficult, resulting in gum disease and decay.

Teeth that bite the inside of the mouth. If your teeth naturally bite the roof of your mouth or the inside of your cheek, it can cause a great amount of discomfort and even damage to the tissue. Many people develop painful mouth sores when they bite the insides of their mouths. Closing your mouth in a resting position should be just that—restful. If your natural oral resting position is causing you pain because your teeth are biting into your cheek or other parts of your mouth, braces may be very helpful.

Extra teeth or not enough teeth. Some people grow more teeth than the typical person. Other people don’t grow enough teeth. Braces can be used in these patients to help with the spacing of these teeth—either to make sure each tooth gets the room it deserves, or to help the other teeth make room for permanent dental implants (fake teeth that take the place of teeth that just didn’t ever grow).

If in doubt, ask a professional! These are just a few of the common reasons people may need braces. If you think braces are something from which you can benefit, ask! If you have an orthodontist (like us!), ask about your specific issue to see what the doctor recommends. If you don’t yet have a relationship with an orthodontist, your dentist can answer some of your questions and refer you to a trusted orthodontist (like us!).

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