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James Karpac Orthodontics

Update from Dr. Karpac

Hey everybody! It’s almost been a year since covid-19 intruded our lives and we were forced to shut down for six weeks. We’ve been open since May 8th of last year. Nobody is sick within our office, and as far as we know no patients have been either. We have adjusted to the decreased flow of patients extending their treatment visits. All cases are going well, and I’m happy with the progress we’ve had with our patients with these extended visits. I miss you, the parents of the kids we treat and I’m thankful for you understanding the protocols in place. I’m sorry you can’t sit next to your child, but we are safe and your child is safe. 


The protective gear was hard to get and super-expensive last year but now they’re just about giving it away so that’s helpful for us as far as cost. The government is providing me some PPP money so I can pay my staff and secure the necessary equipment and supplies to keep you and my staff safe. So I’m appreciative of the government for that. Most patients understand the routine now when they come in and follow the protocols to protect yourself and us. Two of us including myself have received a vaccine and are a month past round two of the shot. There was some reaction for both of us regarding getting the shot but that’s to be expected and it tells me that my immune system is active and doing what it’s supposed to do. I’m a firm believer in science and I believe in the process of formulating the vaccine as it brought back the memories of the lectures in dental school on virology when I sat there and said “when am I ever going to need this information” well here it is, it’s time.


The whole concept of the Messenger RNA makes sense to me, it’s all about the T cells. I trust the companies that are making the vaccine to keep us safe. We continue to see new patients and in these trying times of finances and unemployment we are thankful that you find getting your teeth straightened as something you have elected to do. What’s interesting is some patients are opting to get braces now because they will be wearing a mask so people won’t see their braces. Our aligners system “Line Them Up” has been steadily increasing in popularity. The scanners we use are grade instruments, and the firmware updates and software updates are adding to the accuracy of providing smiles in a different format to you. The only drawback is that you have to wear these aligners 22 hours a day which is tough. The artificial intelligence needed to give you the aligner sequencing always fascinates me.


I am in control of the final product but I’m always amazed at what the algorithms do to build the case from the first aligner to the last. It’s not a perfect science, but I’m not perfect at straightening teeth with braces. As a human being as well, everyday is a new challenge and I enjoy that daily. I thank you for your loyalty and understanding and these trying times so next month on St. Patricks Day we will Mark the one-year anniversary of how all of our lives changed forever. If I may ask, in order for the community around us to know if we are doing a good job for you and/or your child would you be so kind as to leave us a Google review? This is the #1 search engine in the world right now that drives businesses and confidence within the community, for those who may be looking at JK Orthodontics as an orthodontic provider.


 I thank you in advance everybody stay safe and be aware and I’ll be talking to you again soon!