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6 Benefits Oriented Around Our Virtual Orthodontic Appointments

Virtual orthodontic appointments are a new thing for all of us, so here are some of the benefits you should consider when it comes to this COVID-19 precaution

COVID-19 prevention is changing orthodontic treatment


Although the entire concept behind virtual orthodontic appointments is a very new thing throughout the industry, this has become wildly popular since March when the COVID-19 pandemic began wrecking havoc throughout the United States.

Virtual check-ups are also becoming popular throughout many other forms of healthcare, and all of us at James Karpac Orthodontics are very excited to provide this type of peace of mind to our new and existing patients who need some answers and would prefer to get certain information without leaving home!

Although hygiene-oriented and social distancing benefits are the more obvious benefits associated with virtual orthodontic appointments, there really are many other benefits associated with virtual appointments. We want everyone to know just how effective virtual appointments are and that we can help you get the treatment you need while you’re remaining safe at home, so here are 6 benefits oriented around our virtual orthodontic appointments!


1. Waiting Rooms Are Now Safer Via Virtualization

This benefit is more oriented around in-person appointments, but it still is an important part of how we’re re-imagining the orthodontic treatment process in the age of COVID-19.

We understand that having several patients waiting in a conventional waiting room can pose some viral dispersion risks, so with virtual waiting rooms we’re ensuring that each and every one of our patients is remaining as safe as possible when coming to one of our offices.

Virtual waiting rooms are crucial for patients who go through our virtual appointment process and are informed that they need to come in for in-person treatment, and this is because it does a great job at supporting social distancing. What happens is that we’ll be in close contact with you on the day of your in-person appointment, and you’ll simply let us know when you’ve arrived at one of our offices via text. You’ll then wait for us to respond to let you know it’s your time to enter the office.

This helps us out a lot when it comes to limiting the overall foot traffic inside our buildings, and we’re also asking that you please remember to wear your mask or facial covering!


2. Helps You Save Money

Virtual orthodontic appointments help our patients save money, because any type of routine check-up that could be done virtually will inevitably cost much less to conduct.


3. Convenience

It’s understandable how much of a factor convenience is within the digital age for just about everything, and this now includes orthodontic treatment! With virtual orthodontic appointments, you’ll be able to much more easily access important information no matter where you’re actually located.

Virtual appointments will inevitably reduce the overall time it takes for treatment when you compare it to traveling and waiting your turn for an in-person appointment, and now you can even get orthodontic treatment while lounging on your sofa!

Of course it’s important to note that there’s always a chance that something may go wrong when it comes to orthodontic treatment, so our team is always available in emergency situations to make sure your treatment remains on course without too much disruption or discomfort.

Our virtual appointments can assist in somewhat serious situations as well, but if we think that fixing any type of issue shouldn’t be a DIY process we’ll advise you to come into the office for an in-person appointment.


4. Setting Up Treatments

Our Line-M-Up™ invisible aligner treatment can sometimes even be set up from your home. We can help set up this type of treatment via our virtual appointments by providing you with the materials you’ll need to send us a mold of your teeth. This mold can then be utilized to begin your Line-M-Up™ treatment.

Invisible aligners do provide a whole array of benefits as compared to traditional braces, so this is a great option for new patients of ours that are looking to initiate their treatment while remaining at home.

Whereas many different mail-order aligners aren’t recommended, going through our specialists will ensure that you’re obtaining a high-quality product and treatment!


5. Staying Healthy Amidst The Pandemic

Avoiding any chances of catching the COVID-19 virus is of course one of the top benefits associated with our virtual orthodontic appointments, which is why we’re making sure that our offices are never crowded and potentially creating chances for the virus to spread.

We understand that many of our patients will either walk or take public transportation to our offices for appointments, and we’re happy to help everyone out in terms of providing certain services and consultations from the comfort of your home.

We know that conducting virtual appointments is one of our best ways to keep our patients safe during the pandemic, but you should also know that we’re constantly sterilizing our equipment and changing our disposable clothing with each patient visit for in-person appointments. We’ve also installed air purifiers that do an incredible job at sucking up any excess aerosols, and we’re of course abiding by all CDC and OSHA guidelines!


6. See Multiple Specialists At Once

Another great benefit of our virtual appointments is that our entire team of specialists will have access to your pictures and information, so it’s kind of like seeing several orthodontic specialists all at once!

This is definitely an added convenience for our patients as they can get advice from our team rather easily.


Reach Out To Our Team For More Information About Our Virtual Orthodontic Appointments!

We know that virtual appointments can help you out in case of emergencies or if you need advice from one of our specialists, and that this is the responsible thing to do throughout the pandemic.

But of course we understand how you’re likely to have many different questions/concerns about this new way of getting treatment from our team, so always feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 614-766-0330 (Dublin office) or 614-471-6355 (Gahanna office) today to speak with our team about the details of what our virtual appointments entail and how this can support you or your loved one’s overall treatment process!