5 Things That Cause Post-Treatment Tooth Shifting

retainers are an important part of orthodontic treatment, and it's common for orthodontic patients to need a retainer replacement

Tooth shifting is a major reason why people need a second round of orthodontic treatment, and here are some common causes of it!   Most orthodontic patients receive treatment during their pre-teen and teenage years, and the vast majority of patients assume that they’re done with orthodontists after their treatment process has completed. But the […]

How We Help Patients With Impacted Teeth

orthodontics x-ray

Experiencing an impacted tooth is often rather painful, and on this page we’re going into the basics of how we detect and fix our patients with impacted teeth!   An impacted tooth can sometimes be rather difficult to detect, and this oral health issue can undoubtedly pose problems for your other teeth. This can include […]

Six Benefits of Straight, Healthy Teeth

Few people disagree about the importance of healthy teeth. However, do you know that the benefits of a straight and healthy smile extend far beyond just conventional wisdom? Here are six significant positive results of investing in your orthodontic well-being.  Increased ConfidenceWhile cosmetic concerns may or may not be on your list of reasons to […]